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My Creepiest Buzz Lightyear Ever


The other day I had a friend in my home office looking around at my Buzz collection. She asked, “What’s your creepiest Buzz?” And it took me a little while to actually think of it. Mexican Buzz is a little off, but not creepy. “Stars and Stripes” Buzz is weird, but not creepy. Then my eyes fell upon a bit of paper laying on a box of collectibles… and I knew I had found the single most creepy item in my Buzz Lightyear collection.

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Vinyl Window Stickers: Buzz, Star Wars and Doctor Who


This is the sticker from the back of my Honda Element. I got it off Ebay in 2003 and it’s been on there ever since.

As you can see the vinyl is dried, cracked and brittle… but it’s still hanging in there… even with the windshield wiper rubbing across the top half.

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Lollipop Buzz Lightyear Is A Classic Gift & Memory


This is a butt-old Buzz Lightyear lollipop.

I’m not gonna lie… it looks about as eatable as a urinal cake. Be that as it may I will keep him until my dying day (and beyond). That’s because when I look at this morbid visage of Buzz Lightyear with his sickly looking face and his happy but browning alien friend… I see the day it showed up on my desk next to a giftbag full of goodies from the best Administrative Assistant in the whole world! Jan knew how to give Buzz Lightyear gifts… unlike some people. Not only would you get a bag full of goodies, Jan would make you a punch bowl cake. It’s like a bunch of layers of cake, pudding, cake, goodness, cake and awesomeness. She would always include a card that had little sprinkles in them. Half the time I would forget and they’d fall out all over my lap. Jan was more than an admin… she was like a second mom.

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Buzz Books Keep You Busy Reading For Infinity


As you can see my daughter Jenna is back to help me show off some, if not all, of my Buzz Lightyear books. Aren’t you glad I’m grouping some of these things together? Would be pretty boring reading about one book a day.

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Buzz Lightyear Umbrella and Jenna


Before you today is my kid-sized Buzz Lightyear Umbrella. Before you is also my first-born daughter, Jenna. It was raining today so we decided it would be fun to shoot it outside.

This umbrella is a very important part of my Buzz Lightyear collection. It is easily the best thing I own. There are only a few things I hold more dear than this umbrella. One would be…

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Buzz Lightyear Keychains


Keychains! Woo hoo! I remember when collecting a huge wad of keychains was the thing, for girls. There would always be at least one miniature stuffed animal and a koosh keychain in there somewhere.

I don’t consider myself a keychain collector… but I’ve acquired a few over the years.

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