Buzz Costume and A Giant Purple Head, Cooler Than They Sound


Today my son J is helping me display a couple of Halloween related items. We’ve got a Buzz Head Treat Bucket and a Buzz Lightyear Costume.

Poor J lives in a house with a father than has way more toys than he does… most of which are still in the box. To a 5 year old this is blasphemy!

When you see him smiling in these pictures it’s likely because this is the first time he’s ever been allowed to touch anything from my room.


Toy Story 2 Buzz Delux Dress-Up Set

As with most Buzz Lightyear toys this item is for children ages 3 and up.


“It’s on my box!”

I see that on practically everything I’ve posted. Not a lot of love for the toddlers in Buzz Lightyear land. It’s apparently not Buzz’s job to babysit Princess Drool either.

So it’s not exactly a costume. It’s a dress-up set. It’s just the chest plate, a backpack of sorts, wrist cuffs (cause the real Buzz has wrist cuffs) and “Real Inflatable Wings!” as it says on the front there.

They're apparently real.

They’re apparently real.

Did they have to say “real”? Wouldn’t “Inflatable Wings” have worked just as well? Do we have reason to doubt the realness of the inflatable wings? Was there a previous dress-up set that promised real wings but once opened turned out to be a lie? When I wear this and look in the mirror would I otherwise have questioned the realness of my inflated wings? What is real anyway?

"What's real is that you are a battery."

“What’s real is that you are a battery.”

On the back we have some more to see.


In case you didn’t believe it before… those are Real Inflatable Wings… again! You’re friends can play too! A friend or a clone of yourself in a different outfit.

They keep pimping those “real” wings because there are simply no other features. The buttons don’t work. No laser. No sounds. Nothing. It’s still better than the Woody costume. Weird hat that looks like Noah’s Ark. A vest and a holster with no gun. Not fun or cool.

Side note. The child on the box is probably 22 this year.


Giant Purple Buzz Head Treat Bucket

First thing J said when he saw this was, “Can I use that on Halloween?” And the first thing I said back was, “No.”

I love this thing. Even though it’s purple. Even though his eyes look like zombie eyes. The shape is just dead on. The expression is perfect and the teeth are just awesome looking.

The teeth you say? Yes, here’s another view.


They just did a really good job on this thing. It has a better shape and likeness than most of the toys. Even though he’s purple!

Just saw that these things are selling on ebay for between $22 and $40 bucks. Guess I’m not the only one who likes it.

Thanks J for helping me out today!

I know you think Dad is nuts. Who buys toys to not play with? I do son. I do.

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