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I’m Building My Own Check-in Station Kiosks

We’ve been using Parent Pager for about two years now and things are going great. The only exception is the way this system is presented each week. From day one I’ve had the computer, label printer, laser printer and finger scanner sitting on 4 foot plastic tables covered with a cloth. This means my top-of-the-line check-in system looks like it’s on display at a yard sale. It’s time to change that.

I’ve seen other churches with nice check in stations with helpful attendants behind the counter ready to help. My church really isn’t set up for a full on Welcome Center style area. I’m dealing with hallways here. I needed some sharp looking kiosks for my check-in computers.

Have you priced these things? I can save you the trouble… they’re way out of our price range ($600-$1000+). And that’s only if you’re looking for a stock solution. If you need anything custom built the prices just go up from there. So I’m building my own check-in kiosks.

With some MDF, 2×2’s, drywall screws and some laminate I’m going to make my own check-in kiosks. They’re not the fanciest things out there… but they meet my needs. And once I’m done I’m going to post my blueprints (plans) here so your church handyman can build you some.

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