Monthly Archives: December 2010

Buzz 020 – iPad Buzz

I got a Targus stylus at Best Buy last night. I’d been wanting to get one because drawing is impossible with your finger. Not only does your hand block 3/4ths of the screen, you finger drags on the surface. So with my new stylus, here’s what I came up with. Even after SketchBook crashed once and I had to almost start completely over.

This Buzz says, “This isn’t falling with style… this is flying.”

Buzz Fan Art By Patrick Sullivan

Patrick says:

“Love the show [Broke Ya!], I’ve been a listener forever. I heard you mention possible submissions for your Buzz Lightyear site and wanted to throw one your way.”

Check out Patrick’s Deviant Art page:

This Buzz says, “I don’t like the way they portrayed me in those cartoons!”

Buzz 018 – Fun Felt Buzz

I made this Buzz on my iPad using the Fun Felt app. The app isn’t perfect… it’s very hard to shrink the shapes smaller than the default. Took me forever to get the eyes right.

This Buzz says, “I just want you to know that even though you tried to render me in felt, revenge is not an idea we promote on my planet.”

Buzz 016 – Buzz’s Laser

Is Buzz’s laser real… or just a little light? Depends on who you ask. One of my favorite parts of Toy Story 2 was seeing (what I thought was) real Buzz in action. That laser of his was awesome. Even in TS1 I loved the way he kept that beam trained on Woody’s forehead while he worked his way around him.

This Buzz says, “See that melting plastic, Zurg? That’s my laser.”

Buzz 014 – Buzz Christmas Cookie

The Kennison family were decorating cookies for Santa so I asked for one particularly fat gingerbread shaped one to turn into a Buzz Lightyear. All of the icing was white so we mixed our own colors with food coloring. Then I picked out individual sprinkles by color with tweezers to create some of the details. I’d like to do this again sometime with the right tools.

This Buzz says, “I’m delicious but don’t eat me!”

Buzz 012 – Buzz Mario

There isn’t a lot to work with pixel-wise when you’re looking to pay tribute to an 8-bit classic like Mario. I started with a 16×20 pixel canvas and recreated Mario himself. Then I overlaid the new pixels attempting to keep to the original shape as much as possible. A majority of the changes are (naturally) in the face since Buzz doesn’t have quite the nose that Mario does.

This Buzz says, “It’s-a me! Buzz-a Lightyear! Let’s-a go!”

Inspired by our first reader submitted Buzz tribute comes to us from Henry Reyes. Thanks Henry!