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Buzz 122 – Scribble Buzz

I drew this on my iPad today during staff meeting. I hope my boss doesn’t think I’m not paying attention. I feel like I’m actually more engaged with something keeping my creative side busy than I would be otherwise. I really made a point to draw without feeling the need to stay in the lines. If I needed a “line” I would just focus on that area with more scribbles.

This Buzz says, “Time to get the clippers out on those eyebrows.”

Click to see him bigger:

Buzz 020 – iPad Buzz

I got a Targus stylus at Best Buy last night. I’d been wanting to get one because drawing is impossible with your finger. Not only does your hand block 3/4ths of the screen, you finger drags on the surface. So with my new stylus, here’s what I came up with. Even after SketchBook crashed once and I had to almost start completely over.

This Buzz says, “This isn’t falling with style… this is flying.”

Buzz 018 – Fun Felt Buzz

I made this Buzz on my iPad using the Fun Felt app. The app isn’t perfect… it’s very hard to shrink the shapes smaller than the default. Took me forever to get the eyes right.

This Buzz says, “I just want you to know that even though you tried to render me in felt, revenge is not an idea we promote on my planet.”