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Buzz 122 – Scribble Buzz

I drew this on my iPad today during staff meeting. I hope my boss doesn’t think I’m not paying attention. I feel like I’m actually more engaged with something keeping my creative side busy than I would be otherwise. I really made a point to draw without feeling the need to stay in the lines. If I needed a “line” I would just focus on that area with more scribbles.

This Buzz says, “Time to get the clippers out on those eyebrows.”

Click to see him bigger:

Buzz 119 – Dripped Paint Buzz

This Buzz was created by dripping paint from Apple Barrel brand craft paint onto a paper plate. He looked really good at first but then he started to… change. If you’ll look closely you’ll see that all the parts are there… they’re just not where they belong. It was an experiment… a failed one.

This Buzz says, “Yes Master. I’ll get the brainzzzz. Yesss Master!” or “The look in my face let’s you know that I can actually feel how distorted I am.”

More Buzz Lightyear Reader Art

Here are a few more amazing examples of Buzz Lightyear fan art from our readers.

Renaissance Buzz Lightyear by Matthew Sargant

Great work Matt! Love the wings, the puffy shirt, those boots! Excellent.

White Board Buzz Lightyear by Chris

Does it make me weird if I really like his eyes? Nice touch on crosshatching the blue and red dry erase markers to make purple.

Buff Lightyear by Wallace

This was inked on paper, scanned and colored in Photoshop by my friend and co-worker Wallace Phare. I love that the muscles are so huge they literally take the place of the armor!

I’d love to feature your Buzz Lightyear fan art here…

Buzz 072 – ASCII Art Buzz Lightyear

I made this using Notepad and a keyboard… then Photoshop. I would have liked to have added the actual ASCII art… but apparently my theme adds css style formatting to the pre tag that makes that impossible. Boo.

If anyone knows a way, I would love to share the actual text. Be sure to click the image to make it bigger.

This Buzz says, “I would look better in Windows 3.0.”

Buzz 042 – Google Spreadsheet Buzz

I created this on my lunch break at work. I limited myself to the default color pallet, the default cell dimensions, and kept it all up above the scroll. My wife really loves this one being an Accountant… though she was a little appalled until I told her it wasn’t created in Excel.

Since this is a Google Document, I’ve set the permissions to “share” so you can see it in person!

This Buzz says, “Buzz Lightyear to mission log: I have arrived on a strange planet, all signs point to this being a place for automated calculations, but there seems to be no signs of intelligent life anywhere…”.