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Buzz 161 – Buzz Lightyear & David Tennant, BFFs

My two great loves: Buzz Lightyear and Doctor Who… especially David Tennant’s incarnation. These guys are made from Perler Beads. David was created from a bit of work done over at Esty by weelittlestiches… and the Buzz follows the same style, but is original.

This Buzz says, “I don’t care what anyone says… bow ties are NOT cool!”

Latest Reader Buzz Art

“I wanted to make a Buzz that was intimidating and somewhat scary, and ended up with this.”

by CornNerd

“I was checking the last few updates of your Buzzes yesterday, and I had sudden inspiration to do another of my own.  Traveling far past the Renaissance, we now know the answer to the question: What if Buzz Lightyear were a hipster?”

by Matthew Sargent