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How to forward a feed with a question mark in it to Feedburner

I haven’t actually found an answer to this question anywhere on the internet. I’ve seen the question asked… but no answers.

How can I forward my dynamically generated feed ( to Feedburner using .htaccess?

I’m no code genius, and if someone finds a better way, please let me know… but here’s what worked for me.

# Add the part of your url that is after the quesion mark between the ^ and the $
RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^feed=podcast$
# This line stays untouched. It keeps FeedBurner from doing an infinite loop
RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} !FeedBurner
# This line sends the match from the Query String to the new feed. The ? at the end drops the feed=podcast part
RewriteRule ^$ [R,L]

Hope it works for you! I have no help for you if it doesn’t. Sorry.

Volunteer Breakdown Followup

I’ve been using my Volunteer Diagram mentioned in the last episode. It took me a while to get it completed. I’m ashamed at how out of touch I was with my own ministry positions and who was filling them. That is a thing of the past now.

I have right at 127 ministry positions. Ninety of which are filled and 37 of which are not. That’s a lot of Not’s… but it’s nice to have this in a tangable format.

It’s also allowed me to create an exact list of what positions are open which I have made into a simple half-page flier and will hand out to ministry coordinators and potential volunteers.

How many open positions do you have?

The B-word

We’re still in the process of installing and defending our new check-in system. It’s simple, great and wonderful… even for the parents…

Except those parents who want to send their kids to class from the car and expect to be able to pull them out of line before they’re in class properly afterward.

Today one of my leaders asked a parent to wait until the kids were transferred from Children’s Church into Small Groups before pulling them out. They pitched a raving fit and stormed off mumbling how she was a female dog.

I’ve been in inner-city ministry for nearly 10 years now… I’ve been called everything in the book… but never in the walls of my own church.

We’re going to ask our Pastor to address parental behavior during the next service. Once they hear that he’s behind it 100%… I’m figuring we’ll hear less and less of that.

I’m also going to find out who this parent was and talk to them face-to-face. That’s the great thing about check in… built-in accountability!! I figure about two weeks of their kids sitting in service with them should help them appreciate those who serve them. 🙂