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Christmas Stories for Candlelight Communion Services

I have written and illustrated three Christmas stories that are perfect for Pastors, Ministers, Teachers, or Administrators who need a multimedia Christmas story to tell for a class, service, ceremony, gathering or assembly. I wrote them for use during my church’s annual candlelight and communion service.

These stories are available for $20-25 each. You’ll receive a zip file containing a PDF of the story text, a PowerPoint presentation containing all of the illustrations, and individual jpg image files of each slide (in case you don’t do PowerPoint).

The Very Last Room

What would you do if your family had taken the very last room in Bethlehem… just before Mary & Joseph arrived? This story follows a young boy and his family on their way to Bethlehem to be taxed. They end up taking the very last room available in the city forcing Mary and Joseph to take the stable out back. You’ll love how this story comes together and the strong evangelistic message it shares. The story is fully illustrated and stylized to fit the time period, but with a modern twist.

Purchase The Very Last Room on my Etsy page.

The Birthday Story

“The Birthday Story” is the Nativity Christmas Story as told by Mary to her young son, Jesus. Based on Luke 2:19 (“But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart”) The story comes from the perspective of Mary recalling the events that led to her son Jesus’ birth day.

The audience thinks they’re hearing a modern day story… until various details reveal that this is a retelling of the Nativity from a different perspective. Children and adults will enjoy hearing about the trials of making a journey to Bethlehem on a donkey with a child on the way… and the hope a mother has for her son, the Messiah. Helps all ages remember that Jesus’ birth was real… and so is our reason for celebrating Jesus, not only on Christmas, but every day of the year.

Purchase The Birthday Story on my Etsy page.


The Christmas Repair Service

A magical Christian Christmas parable that will help children with selfishness, anger, obedience and the reason we celebrate Christ’s birth in the first place. Told with a bit of magic and a lot of fun. Every child will go away realizing that our beliefs should affect our actions… and that we need Christ to change our hearts because we can’t fix ourselves. 

Purchase The Christmas Repair Service on my Etsy page.