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Geek Loves Nerd Theme Song Lyrics

SOG Nothes writes:

Hello Geek <3’s Nerd,
First, GREAT show that you do!
Pastor Kennison, I really like the song that you sing at the beginning of the show. However, I am having a hard time understanding the words, at times. Could you send them to me?
Thank you in advance.
SOG Nothes

Thanks for writing… here goes:

GLN Theme Song

Geek loves nerd, Nerd loves geek
At least she did late last week.
I haven’t asked lately because
She’s still living here and that’s more than I deserve.

She has a gold band I gave her on her left ring finger
And so do I and that’s enough I figure.
At least she hasn’t figured out I stink.
We don’t have much in common, just our kids and our address.
But we get along find and that’s what I’m impressed with.
So join us for our podcast every week.

Geek loves nerd… yeah!