Monthly Archives: September 2008

I Love ScoreKeeper 2

I recently had the honor of working with KidzTurn Labs (and by working, I mean emailing and nagging) in influencing the creation of some awesome score keeping software called Score Keeper 2.

If you keep score for teams (boys vs girls or Team 1, Team 2, etc) and have a video projection system, this is a MUST HAVE.

I’ve been wishing for something like this for years… I always had an idea of what it would do to the kids to know their standings in real time, but I couldn’t imagine how much excitement it brings to the service.

We have our group divided into 5 teams (by grade 1st through 5th) and so having up to 6 teams is great. The scores can be placed anywhere on the screen and will stay on top of your powerpoint or media shout presentations. I use it with SongShow Plus with no troubles at all.

I urge you to check it out Score Keeper 2 – It’s only $10 through the end of September!!