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Inspired By A Beer Blaster [Resources]


This thing is very cool. It will shoot ANY carbonated beverage (not just beer) up to 10 feet. This is a messy stage game waiting to happen!

The only unfortunate thing is that it’s shaped exactly like a real gun… which may or may not be an issue for your group… but with a little foam or other embellishments it could look just as harmless as a water pistol.

See it in action:

They come in several colors (including pink) and run between $22 and $33 bucks.


5 Questions to Heed About Church Security


I’m sure by now most of you have heard about the tragic shooting of a Baptist minister this past Sunday morning. I was directed to a great article addressing five areas churches need to be sure to address when it comes to security.

I took great pleasure in seeing that Children’s Ministry was at #2 on the list. It only makes sense that after security is beefed up in the “Big Church” that the mentally unstable among us will follow the path of least resistance. Let’s not let it be our Children’s Ministries.

Pastor Shot Dead in the Pulpit: 5 Questions to heed About Church Security [via]

I’d like to share my own set of 6 Questions concerning Children’s Ministry issues taken from an email to my own volunteers.

Door Security

Our doors need to be locked, manned or otherwise secured during service. A sign should be posted explaining the need for security and the requirements for admittance.

Secure Check-in System

Every child should be checked in through a security system. They should have an id badge/sticker. Teachers should have a roll sheet of every child in their care.

Restrict Access

No one should be allowed in any of our classrooms unless they are a screened volunteer wearing an easily identifiable lanyard, shirt, vest or badge (your choice) or an authorized parent/guardian who is checking out their child in keeping with procedure. (This unfortunately includes older siblings, worker’s own older children, relatives, family friends, etc).

Secure Pick-Up

At least one leader should be by classroom doors managing the flow of traffic. Children should be seated and away from the door until their name is called. Traffic should only move one direction during pick-up… out!

Volunteer Timeliness

Every volunteer needs to be on time to their post. The more adults we have, the more secure we are. Volunteers should shoot to be 10 to 15 minutes early every week.

Emergency Communication

Our leaders need a fast and effective way to communicate with you, your security team or on site officers in case of an incident or emergency. At minimum, give out your cell number. Install an intercom system or hand out walki-talkie’s of you can. Ask the nursery if they can assign you a pager so volunteers can page if they need you.

What are your security concerns? Post your thoughts, feedback or questions in the comments.