Make Your Own Google Gmail Signature for Free with Google Docs

To make your own Gmail Signature you don’t need to pay for or sign up for a service… just use Google Docs.

In Google Docs make use of tables to insert your image, name and other info. Then cut and paste it into your Google Doc signature in the settings.

You can make the tables invisible by coloring them white.

So make your own Google Gmail Signature for free with Google Docs.

Here’s a great YouTube video that explains the whole process:

Why Do I Own 30 Toy Story Movies on VHS?

I’ve collected buzz lightyear memorabilia since 1996 when I bought my first 10” figure at Disney during my honeymoon.

10 years later and my wife and I have kids, good jobs and a home. I also have hundreds of Buzz Lightyears. They’re all confined to two places in the home: my office and my son’s nursery that’s done up just like Andy’s room.

Over the course of three years I went from a successful employee, father and husband to barely being able to get out of bed due to a diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder and Anxiety Disorder. I am 40 and I lose my career, my wife becomes the sole supplier and I feel like a failure to my children. I lost the ability to feel anything but doom, pain, darkness, and the wish that I’d never been born. Depression took my purpose, my hobbies and even the stupidest little joy in my life… collecting.

10 years go by.

I’m at a Vintage Stock in South County Mall and I see a couple of Toy Story VHS tapes. They’re a dollar each. They make me feel something. Stupid I know, but when you’ve been so far down you find yourself clinging to anything that will perk you up even slightly. So I bought those two tapes and once a week I’d go back to see if they had more. I did this for months and it was a blast. I didn’t know it at the time but I was slowly coming out of my depression and these stupid tapes were one of the very first signals.

My wife thought I was nuts, playfully, but was happy that I was excited about something again. I filled shelves with them… then one day I was done. I felt good. I didn’t need the hunt to get that jolt of dopamine. I was just feeling good again. I kept them on display for a while but now I’ve greatly reduced the number of figures I have out in my new office and it was time to see if anyone wanted 30 copies of Toy Story on VHS.

I actually own 31. The one I’m keeping I found on eBay. It’s still shrink wrapped and in perfect condition. It will remind me of the fun, stupid little craze I went through. And in a small way, it’s a symbol of me finally getting my head above water.

I’m 50 now. Working full time. Reconnecting with old friends. Enjoying the basics of life again. Making up for lost time with the wife and kids. It’s time to clean house and get rid of those tapes. I don’t need them anymore.

I put them up on Facebook Marketplace and the buyer wanted this story.

Note: I realize there are not 30 tapes in the photo. They wouldn’t all fit in the window. Trust me. I own(d) 30, well 31, tapes.

Dust Cover for Sure SM7B

I sure love my Shure SM7B but I don’t want it getting all dusty when not in use.

Here’s a simple solution. Buy a small nylon synch bag from Amazon and slide it over your Shure SM7B. You can even cut out the synch cord. It’s not necessary.

If you want just one, you’re going to have to buy a bigger bag than you need. But for the same money you can pick up a pack of various sizes to serve as a dustcover for your Shure SM7B.

Here’s the pack that I bought [affiliate link]. It’s $10 US.

The smallest bag works best. cut out the cord and cut up the seam of the bag about halfway. Sew or hot glue the end of the cut or the nylon will split all the way up. Now you can slide your bag over your mic. See the illustration below.

If you use the bigger bag it’ll look more like this.

Shure SM7B covered by a small nylon synch bag

So keep the dust off of that big fat pop filter with a simple nylon synch bag and keep your Shure SM7B dust free for years to come.

Check out my podcast, That Story Show!

Grateful Kid Theme Song

I wrote the lyrics, purchased the music, and my friend Kevin Brown performed the song.

Grateful Kid Theme Song

I love half-days at school
swimming in a pool
staying up late, birthday cake
that my folks still love me when I make a mistake

Going to the beach, playing outside,
Going on vacation or a piggy-back ride
Running through the sprinkler in the front yard
Doing something tough that I thought was too hard.

These are things, these and so much more,
These are the things, I’m grateful for.
I wanted to say, in case I didn’t before
These are the things, I’m grateful for.

Riding my bike, the first day of school
teacher workdays and the last day too
Hugging my folks, my pets, and yet
still having hugs left for my grandparents

Really good dreams and Food and drinks
Playing dress-up or going to the beach
TV shows, my favorite colors
Getting good grades and my sisters and brothers

My life is so blessed, sometimes I forget
That none of these things happen on accident
Those who love me, they make these things happen.
That is why you and I shouldn’t take it all for granted.