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Movies Like Malkoff: Days 4-12

I’m still doing this thing… but my spare time is even less plentiful than I expected. I watch what I can when I can. Here’s where we stand as of 5/2/2012.

  • Being John Malkovich – I was so intrigued by the premise of this movie. I’m a John Malkovich fan… but I turned it off less than halfway through. Once the cute/zany stuff was over and the weird “I only like you through him” stuff started… I had to go watch High School Musical to undo the mental damage. That being said… the puppeteering segments, though really strange, were amazing. I thought at times that they were using people in costume and filming it to make them look miniature. Then I found this old webpage of an interview with the puppeteer.
  • Reservoir Dogs – Didn’t watch this. I saw it long ago and don’t need to see it again. Replaced with The Gumby Movie which I watched with the kids. Surprisingly no one cut off any claymation ears.
  • Swingers – Delete the first hour of this movie and it would be great!
  • Trainspotting – Didn’t watch. Again, saw it a long time ago and just too dark for my taste. Replaced with Girl, Interrupted… which I didn’t notice was already on the list, just further down.
  • Clerks – Again. Didn’t watch again. Replaced with The Muppet Movie on DVD with the kids. It’s awesome.
  • Girl, Interrupted – I don’t remember enough about this movie to do a decent review. Angelina Jolie and Winona Ryder were in it. Strange because I think of one as an 80’s icon and the other as a late 90’s icon. In 1999 two world collided.
When Mark finished Girl, Interrupted he was only three more movies away from finishing his 2nd day. I’m creeping up on day 13 here.