Monthly Archives: March 2017

Buzz Lightyear #263 – Arm Cast Painting

Even this Buzz is just a bit of the hand and forearm, I’m still counting it. My daughter broke her arm a month ago and got her short-cast today. She let me draw on it. Then she let me paint on it! I used acrylic paint and sealed it with spray gloss. You should have seen us in the dark on the backporch, me spraying my daughter’s arm with clear coat. One of our neighbors walked up the steps while we were out there. I can’t imagine what he must have thought.

While working on this I got an idea for a possible project in two parts. First, become a cast painter. People would pay me to paint their kid’s cast! Second, to go to the local children’s hospital and offer my services for free in special cases as deemed by the hospital. We’ll see if I actually follow through with this idea. Doubtful, but fun to think about.

Next time she breaks her arm I’m going to make her get a white cast.