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Dust Cover for Sure SM7B

I sure love my Shure SM7B but I don’t want it getting all dusty when not in use.

Here’s a simple solution. Buy a small nylon synch bag from Amazon and slide it over your Shure SM7B. You can even cut out the synch cord. It’s not necessary.

If you want just one, you’re going to have to buy a bigger bag than you need. But for the same money you can pick up a pack of various sizes to serve as a dustcover for your Shure SM7B.

Here’s the pack that I bought [affiliate link]. It’s $10 US.

The smallest bag works best. cut out the cord and cut up the seam of the bag about halfway. Sew or hot glue the end of the cut or the nylon will split all the way up. Now you can slide your bag over your mic. See the illustration below.

If you use the bigger bag it’ll look more like this.

Shure SM7B covered by a small nylon synch bag

So keep the dust off of that big fat pop filter with a simple nylon synch bag and keep your Shure SM7B dust free for years to come.

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