Monthly Archives: August 2007

How I Podcast

howipodcast.jpgUpdated 12-07-2007

Some of our listeners, and even a few of our guest-hosts, have asked how we do what we do. I finally figured out that I needed to create a post that I can refer them to rather than giving very short email responses that don’t really help anyone.

First, the mandatory disclaimer. This is not THE way to do it… it’s just how I do it. It works for me. If you have a better way, please let me know.

Second, thanks to Michael Murloc (formerly of The Weekly Murloc) and Scott Johnson (of ExtraLife Radio) for all their help. Michael shaved three months off my learning curve and Scott’s emails helped me tremendously when we had to shift to being a Skype-cast. Also thanks to my bud Vance who turned me on to the whole iPod, iTunes, podcasting thing to begin with. Continue reading

To Have A Friend, Be A Friend Powerpoint

Recently I created a series of illustrations to help me teach a lesson on how to attract friends. I’d like to make a PowerPoint version complete with very basic notes in Word format available to you. These illustrations combined with a bible story on Jonathan and David’s friendship and a good memory verse (There is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. Proverbs 18:24b) would make a pretty good service. Enjoy!

You’ll need Microsoft PowerPoint and Word to view these files. If you end up using them… let me know! 🙂 – Word document and PowerPoint file