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Song: If My Wife Knew (She Would Slap Me)

Since we didn’t get to put out a show last week, I thought I’d give a little something extra. Here’s my first geek song, “If My Wife Knew”.

Lyrics are after the jump. Enjoy and share-alike!

If My Wife Knew

My wife is great she let’s me do the things I like to do,
but there’s always been a limit to the geekenies, it’s true.
I can have a podcast and I can draw picture online.
Even World of Warcraft would be fine.

The Wii is great she likes it to, the 360 and iPod too.
she doesn’t mind my friends online as long. As they don’t show it’s fine.
my twitter doesn’t bother her, my skype instead of call.
But there’s some things she won’t allow at all.

If my wife knew she would slap me.
If my wife knew she would slap me.

I’ve never dressed up as a Jedi, though it is something I’d like to try.
I’ve never painted a figurine, played Warhammer back in a comic book store scene
I would like to call myself by my online name you see
Mr. NLCast your table is ready.

I’ve never participated in a flash mob, never worked EB as my job.
I’ve never been to a convention, not E3, not New Media, not Dragon.
I’ve never watched all 6 Star Wars movies in a row,
But I take my lappy in the bathroom when I go.

I try to hide my secret shame. I’m not ashamed but I should be
When she sees me dressed like C3-PO I can only hope
that she won’t laugh at me, just long enough to leave.
These aren’t the droids she’s married to you see.

I’m to far gone it’s not my fault my wife knew what she did,
when she settled down with this here geek and had a couple kids.
I’m hoping that they’ll look like her but become geeks themselves.
It’s looking good but still to soon to tell.