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Buzz 259: I Made A Giant Minecraft Buzz Lightyear Sculpture

A while back I decided to attempt to make a large enough Buzz Lightyear shoe that I could add the tread detail on the bottom. Quickly the shoe turned into nearly an entire leg.


Last night I decided to finish this giant leg out with what turned out to be the biggest thing I’ve ever constructed in Minecraft.


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What My Minecraft and Perler Bead Buzz Lightyears Turn Up

If you search “Minecraft Buzz Lightyear” some of the stuff that comes up was either made by me or copied from slash inspired by something I did. Enjoy all of the found examples below.

Thanks to all of the folks who have immortalized my stuff by doing your own versions! I’m honored.

First up,

Lego Minifig Buzz Pixel Art

From this blog on December 19th, 2010:

“In 2002 I was very into pixel art… and I really wanted a Buzz Lightyear Lego minifig. Alas there wasn’t such a thing until 2010. Here is what I imagined a Buzz Lightyear Minifig would look like.”

Buzz Lightyear Lego Minifig Pixel Art

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Minecraft Skins I’ve Done

Lately in my free time I’ve been making Minecraft skins. It started when I wanted to update my old Buzz Lightyear player skin. Then I couldn’t find a good Tardis that I liked. Same with the Alien from Toy Story and Shaun from Shaun of the Dead. So I made my own. Feel free to download and use!

To download right click on the skin under each display picture and save.

Buzz Lightyear Minecraft Skin



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Buzz 162 – Pixel Joint Buzz In Minecraft

The inspiration for this Buzz came from Pixel Joint. Specifically from sedgemonkey. I made some modifications to the wings and would have done a few more if time allowed. I can’t afford to be a perfectionist and still crank these out every day.

This Buzz says, “That’s my son back there. Just ignore him. He’s special.”

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Buzz 133 – Minecraft Buzz Number Four

I found this cool pixel Buzz online and wanted to build it in Minecraft… so I did. I know I’ve done a few of these now… but I really enjoy seeing these super small pixel images done up as huge monuments in-game. I used a technique I found on YouTube to squeeze a few more colors out of Minecraft. If you build using two layers instead of one, you can sick a block back behind another and get a darker version of that color… because the game draws a shadow over it. So when you’re looking at Buzz here, the purple is actually all the same color… but the ones that appear darker are actually just set back one block.

This Buzz says, “I look much better than my predecessors.”