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What My Minecraft and Perler Bead Buzz Lightyears Turn Up

If you search “Minecraft Buzz Lightyear” some of the stuff that comes up was either made by me or copied from slash inspired by something I did. Enjoy all of the found examples below.

Thanks to all of the folks who have immortalized my stuff by doing your own versions! I’m honored.

First up,

Lego Minifig Buzz Pixel Art

From this blog on December 19th, 2010:

“In 2002 I was very into pixel art… and I really wanted a Buzz Lightyear Lego minifig. Alas there wasn’t such a thing until 2010. Here is what I imagined a Buzz Lightyear Minifig would look like.”

Buzz Lightyear Lego Minifig Pixel Art

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Giant Lego Minifig Buzz Lightyear Clock


I wasn’t planning on posting Giant Lego Minifig Buzz Clock today… but apparently kids.woot.com had him for sale and several of my online friends wanted to make sure I saw it. Fear not online friends! For I already have him!

For posterity.

For posterity.

I think I got him off Amazon.com and defiantly paid full price unlike the half-off that kids.woot was offering.

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Buzz 123 – Lego Mech Buzz

I purchased the official Lego Buzz Lightyear and put him together. I wasn’t crazy about the finished product…. so I took his giant head off his shoulders and placed a Buzz Lightyear minifig in it’s place. Instantly I had turned a so-so Lego Buzz into an awesome Buzz Mech Suit!

This Buzz says, “With Mech Woody and Mech Slink webecome Mega Mech Zoid Utra Anti-Zurg Zuper!”


Buzz 089 – Lego Buzz Lightyear

This Buzz happened so randomly. I was at church working elementary childcare. I pulled out some Lego bocks from a cabinet to keep the early kids busy. Soon I found myself sitting with them working on the chest piece of a Buzz Lightyear. The kids started asking if I was going to make a Buzz… I just said, “We’ll see.” and kept plugging away. After about 40 minutes I had created what you see here.

Note the attention to detail: all three buttons on our left, the big red button to the right, the yellow nameplate above. There weren’t any purple blocks so I used blue. Bet you didn’t even notice until I said something. The wings were the final touch… I laid all of the blocks down so they would be half the height as the rest of the figure. I feel it gave it a bit of a 3d look. If I had a chance to do it over again I would have made his dome half height as well.

Special thanks to Scotty, Austin, Nathan, Jewel and Jessica for their help and support. You guys make me feel like a genius.

This Buzz says, “I was made at church… so I’m automatically a religious artifact!”

Photos by Jessica Flores.