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Buzz 089 – Lego Buzz Lightyear

This Buzz happened so randomly. I was at church working elementary childcare. I pulled out some Lego bocks from a cabinet to keep the early kids busy. Soon I found myself sitting with them working on the chest piece of a Buzz Lightyear. The kids started asking if I was going to make a Buzz… I just said, “We’ll see.” and kept plugging away. After about 40 minutes I had created what you see here.

Note the attention to detail: all three buttons on our left, the big red button to the right, the yellow nameplate above. There weren’t any purple blocks so I used blue. Bet you didn’t even notice until I said something. The wings were the final touch… I laid all of the blocks down so they would be half the height as the rest of the figure. I feel it gave it a bit of a 3d look. If I had a chance to do it over again I would have made his dome half height as well.

Special thanks to Scotty, Austin, Nathan, Jewel and Jessica for their help and support. You guys make me feel like a genius.

This Buzz says, “I was made at church… so I’m automatically a religious artifact!”

Photos by Jessica Flores.