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Buzz 186 – Cube Buzz

<img src=”http://nlcast.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/block-buzz-angle-580×580.jpg”>I bought a perfectly square block of wood the other day at Hobby Lobby. I knew I wanted to make a Buzz out of it… but there were so many options. My first thought was to spin-off a child’s block. Maybe hand carve in the letter “B” on one end, then find symbols from the Toy Story movies to fill in the other sides… but that’s not Buzz. I also could have painted each side as a different view of his head or body. Top being the top of his head, bottom being the bottom of his feet… and I may still do that in a future post. But today I ended up kind of rapping him around the block. It’s hard to explain so I shot each side so you can see them all below.

This Buzz says, “This is the last time I play around with the trash compacter.”

Buzz 119 – Dripped Paint Buzz

This Buzz was created by dripping paint from Apple Barrel brand craft paint onto a paper plate. He looked really good at first but then he started to… change. If you’ll look closely you’ll see that all the parts are there… they’re just not where they belong. It was an experiment… a failed one.

This Buzz says, “Yes Master. I’ll get the brainzzzz. Yesss Master!” or “The look in my face let’s you know that I can actually feel how distorted I am.”