Buzz 186 – Cube Buzz

<img src=”×580.jpg”>I bought a perfectly square block of wood the other day at Hobby Lobby. I knew I wanted to make a Buzz out of it… but there were so many options. My first thought was to spin-off a child’s block. Maybe hand carve in the letter “B” on one end, then find symbols from the Toy Story movies to fill in the other sides… but that’s not Buzz. I also could have painted each side as a different view of his head or body. Top being the top of his head, bottom being the bottom of his feet… and I may still do that in a future post. But today I ended up kind of rapping him around the block. It’s hard to explain so I shot each side so you can see them all below.

This Buzz says, “This is the last time I play around with the trash compacter.”

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