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Buzz Lightyear Umbrella and Jenna


Before you today is my kid-sized Buzz Lightyear Umbrella. Before you is also my first-born daughter, Jenna. It was raining today so we decided it would be fun to shoot it outside.

This umbrella is a very important part of my Buzz Lightyear collection. It is easily the best thing I own. There are only a few things I hold more dear than this umbrella. One would be…

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Buzz 024 – Jenna’s Buzz

I asked my 6 year-old daughter, Jenna, to draw me a Buzz Lightyear. Even though it is simplistic and in the style of a typical child… I love the details she still managed to work in. Five fingers, three buttons on one side, the red button and nameplate on the other… good work!

This Buzz says, “Check out Jenna’s podcast: Podcast Kid!”