Buzz Lightyear Umbrella and Jenna


Before you today is my kid-sized Buzz Lightyear Umbrella. Before you is also my first-born daughter, Jenna. It was raining today so we decided it would be fun to shoot it outside.

This umbrella is a very important part of my Buzz Lightyear collection. It is easily the best thing I own. There are only a few things I hold more dear than this umbrella. One would be…

The first time I touched my little girl


And the than the first time I held her.


These are some great moments… but the day I acquired my umbrella is a close second.

Here’s another view


As you can see the umbrella works great for child-sized children. The umbrella pretty much rocks. It’s almost as cool as the time…

Jenna found a four-leaf clover


I mean how cool is that? I’ve been looking my whole life and she just walks past a planter and sees it while we’re walking into the house.

Pretty cool… but only just a little bit cooler than my Buzz umbrella.

Umbrella History

Until a couple years ago this umbrella was mint and unused. I kept it in two different work offices… and the second one was in Central Florida. It rains a lot here so this child-sized umbrella got used to help me get to my car. By the time I got through the driving rain and into my driving car it had managed to keep my hair dry… and my shoulders. I’m apparently not small enough to fit under said umbrella.



As you can see parts of me are not being properly protected. I am not child-sized. Even so, this thing is amazing.

Almost as amazing as my daughter’s first Halloween.


Pretty cute right? But trust me, she’s totally useless as an umbrella.


She maybe keeps the back of my neck dry… but that’s about it. But this post isn’t about her. Let’s get back to the umbrella.

Buzz Lightyear Umbrella Trivia

  • Did you know that I bought this at the Disney Store?
  • It was purchased in 2003.
  • It has a huge point at the top and little blue dots at the end of each point.
  • Every other panel is translucent (not quite transparent) and has a Buzz figure printed on it in full color.
  • This umbrella cost me about 10 bucks. My daughter has cost me thousands and thousands so far.

Now you know.

Here it is without the daughter.


As you can see here there are actually two different Buzz designs. Even better. But not better than…

The first time I heard my daughter’s heartbeat.


Don’t get me wrong. When I heard that heartbeat I matured 5 years in just a second. Stuff got real real quick… but it’s only slightly more life altering than my amazing little child-sized Blue and Clear Buzz Lightyear umbrella.

Please understand…

I feel like I’m going to offend umbrella fans out there. Don’t get me wrong… I love my umbrella… but I love my daughter just a little bit more. Although I did try to balance her on my hand like an umbrella one time.


Again, she’s useless when it comes to keeping rain off a person… but she’s almost as cute as an umbrella.

What do you love almost as much as your children?

What sacred family memories are you willing trivialize in an attempt to make an interesting blog post about a stupid umbrella? Leave your comments below.

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