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Buzz 158 – QR Code Buzz

If you don’t know, a QR Code is kind of like a barcode… except it can store a lot more information… including a secret ASCII Buzz creation that will come up if you scan this code. If you have an Android use the Barcode Scanner App to see it properly. If you’re using the iPhone, find an app that displays results with carriage returns (more than just a single line).

If you can’t make it work, come back tomorrow… I’ll post a pic of the results as I see it.

This Buzz says, “Let me out!”

Buzz 072 – ASCII Art Buzz Lightyear

I made this using Notepad and a keyboard… then Photoshop. I would have liked to have added the actual ASCII art… but apparently my theme adds css style formatting to the pre tag that makes that impossible. Boo.

If anyone knows a way, I would love to share the actual text. Be sure to click the image to make it bigger.

This Buzz says, “I would look better in Windows 3.0.”