Buzz Lightyear Disney Pins Are Sharp!


Disney pins are fun! I don’t really do the whole pin collecting thing with the lanyards and the trading… but unless you’ve been to a Disney park you don’t know about that anyway.

But it looks like this:

It looks fun!

It looks fun!

I only like pins that have Buzz on them. And here is my collection. As you can see some are in the original packaging or backing board, others are loose. This is because early in my collecting career I used what I bought. I wore those jokers proudly. Now I don’t and I keep them mint in the package. Before I got more fun out of using them. Now I get more fun out of keeping them nice.

Here’s a run down of each one.


Using my new macro lens to shoot a closeup of Standing and Waving Buzz. Up close you can see a few imperfections… you can’t tell from a distance.


We’ll call this one Standing and Waving Buzz 2. this guy looks a little to alert with his eyes wide open.


Here’s Shooting Buzz. This is a great looking pin except that they forgot to color his laser red… and the outlines are gold. I prefer the silver.


This pin celebrates Toy Story and it’s release in 1995. I’m sure I picked this on up at one of the parks.


Here’s our second Laser Buzz. This one supposedly lights up. Has a little led light where the laser would be. I’ve never used it because the switch is on the back… in a sealed bag. A good looking pin though. I believe this was purchased for me by some good friends.


When I first got this one I thought it played music. I now realize it’s part of a series that celebrated some of the unforgettable tunes in several Disney films.


Buzz is pointing out into infinity. Purchased at the Disney Store. A little busy… and Lightyear isn’t capitalized.


Last but not least is a pin that didn’t make it into the group photo above. This was purchased for me from Downtown Disney by some good friends. A great pin. This was part of a Toy Story lanyard set that was opened. They gave the Buzz pins to me! 🙂 Pretty sweet.

One more thing that is pretty cool that those unfamiliar with Disney pin collecting is this.


The pinbacks look like little Mickeys!

Do you have any Disney pins, Buzz or otherwise? Shoot a photo and post them in the comments or on the facebook page.

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