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Just A Bunch of Random Buzz Stuff, Part 2


Because I’ve chosen to attempt to blog my collection from oldest to newest, and from crappiest to coolest, it means I end up with a bunch of random stuff that doesn’t fit in a nice little collection. That’s what I’ve been trying to do. If I have a group of related items I put them together. It makes sense and saves time. Who would want to see an entire post on every single pen (or pin) that I own? So here we are. Another unrelated group of Buzz stuff. All of which is currently stored in the clear plastic tub you see in the picture.

Let’s see what we have here, shall we?

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Buzz Books Keep You Busy Reading For Infinity


As you can see my daughter Jenna is back to help me show off some, if not all, of my Buzz Lightyear books. Aren’t you glad I’m grouping some of these things together? Would be pretty boring reading about one book a day.

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Buzz Lightyear Mouse and Mouse Pad


Of all of the items I’ve shared so far this is the most recent addition… That’s right folks… a Buzz Lightyear shaped PS2 trackball Mouse still in the box from 19Godknowswhen. I picked it up on Ebay for $10. I remember back when they were new, but I was in my ‘use it’ phase and couldn’t imagine what kind of hand cramps I’d get trying to compute with that thing. It’s not the most ergonomic design in the world. I would defiantly classify this as one of my more unique and outright odd collectibles. Continue reading

Buzz & Woody Soap

Buzz & Woody Soap Set

Though I don’t remember which, I received this item as a gift from my sister on one of my birthdays at least 10 years ago. If not more.

I was still a gatherer and user of Buzz Lightyear rather than a real collector back then. I was torn when I opened it. Would I use it or keep it? It bothered me enough that I didn’t like it for a while.

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