Buzz Lightyear Mouse and Mouse Pad


Of all of the items I’ve shared so far this is the most recent addition… That’s right folks… a Buzz Lightyear shaped PS2 trackball Mouse still in the box from 19Godknowswhen. I picked it up on Ebay for $10. I remember back when they were new, but I was in my ‘use it’ phase and couldn’t imagine what kind of hand cramps I’d get trying to compute with that thing. It’s not the most ergonomic design in the world. I would defiantly classify this as one of my more unique and outright odd collectibles.

You’re probably asking what I wondered before I bought it, “Where are the buttons?” Well similar to the older Apple mouses the dome has a mocroswitch on each side and the dome pivots to click one or the other depending on which finger you use. Right clicking is a great and acceptable use of your middle finger.


I bought him in October. Right in the midst of some of the worst of my depression. Finding this and a couple other cool little things (to be revealed at a later date) were one of the very few things I found any enjoyment in. Not buying them so much as owning them. Having them come in the mail. Opening a box with a prize inside. I liked that they were in my room (I get to have a man cave room). Everything else I had enjoyed (friendships, podcasting, work, self, gaming, Lego) seemed like crap on a stick, but Buzz stayed a favorite and stupidly enough, a comfort.

The mousepad? He means nothing to me. Actually this is the second mousepad of this type that I owned. The first one was used until the cloth curled up like these kind do. Printed cloth cover glued to a soft foam base. I was able to find another just like it at Walmart I believe. Note that it is still in the bag. That’s because it was purchased right at the point that I realized I needed to keep my collections nice and mint. So I repented of my old “buy it, use it” ways and I have a nice clean Buzz & Woody mousepad to show for it. Note that this is only the 2nd item that has Woody on it. Woody’s okay… I just don’t care about him. The LGM are okay, but for me to collect them it has to be something pretty neat.

Both the mouse and mousepad don’t really display well so they’re remanded to a storage bin in my closet.

I was feeling pretty stupid about this effort, this whole putting my collection online thing, today. And it is an effort, as in, it’s not easy like it used to be. And being some lame “Buzz blogger” is not what I want to be doing with my life… but it’s something. It’s more than what I’ve been capable of in the recent past. It’s a stupid blog about a whole bunch of crap that only kids would enjoy. That’s the truth. But I believe it’s also a little bit of something I need to do because I can now… and because it’s better than doing nothing… and because it may become a “gateway drug” to bigger and better things. I welcome your thoughts and comments on this and every post. Unless you’re a Woody lover.

Buzz and Depression For The Win!

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