Let’s Get A Few Things Straight About Buzz Lightyear


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I have some core beliefs about Buzz Lightyear that I would like to share with you. You may not agree with my views. You may find these views controversial, hateful, and possibly trivial, but they are the Truth. There is a real Buzz Lightyear and a false one.

This Is Buzz Lightyear:


Even this is Buzz Lightyear:


This is NOT Buzz Lightyear:


Nor is this:


Buzz Lightyear is voiced by this man: Tim Allen


Not this guy: Patrick Warburton


I have nothing against Elaine Benes’ boyfriend. He’s awesome. But he is also the voice of impostor Buzz.

This belief system has carried me through 17 years of collecting. It’s been tested and is tried and true. Why? Because “Star Command” was a huge bait and switch.


I was so excited when I saw the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command poster. A animated movie about my favorite character as a real Space Ranger… not just a toy. It was being voiced by the actual Tim Allen and was being released on my birthday to boot! I believe the movie was released directly to VHS and DVD and before I had a chance to watch it I figured out slash found out that it was just a vehicle to introduce and transition people into a Star Command cartoon series that DID NOT feature the voice or the look of the original character. Tricksy.

It struck me wrong and I hated the simplistic style of the new character so Star Command Buzz was officially labeled the Not Real Buzz from then on. Done deal.

One of my favorite parts of Buzz is the details of the suit and the voice acting. Take those away and you’ve got nothing.


At times you may see Star Command Buzz collectables pop up from time to time as this blog series continues. Just know they were either gifts or purchased in the time before I knew about the movie/fake Buzz connection.

You may now continue with your lives having improved it greatly as a direct result of knowing the Truth about the real Buzz Lightyear.



This piece of crap isn’t real Buzz either.

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