Lollipop Buzz Lightyear Is A Classic Gift & Memory


This is a butt-old Buzz Lightyear lollipop.

I’m not gonna lie… it looks about as eatable as a urinal cake. Be that as it may I will keep him until my dying day (and beyond). That’s because when I look at this morbid visage of Buzz Lightyear with his sickly looking face and his happy but browning alien friend… I see the day it showed up on my desk next to a giftbag full of goodies from the best Administrative Assistant in the whole world! Jan knew how to give Buzz Lightyear gifts… unlike some people. Not only would you get a bag full of goodies, Jan would make you a punch bowl cake. It’s like a bunch of layers of cake, pudding, cake, goodness, cake and awesomeness. She would always include a card that had little sprinkles in them. Half the time I would forget and they’d fall out all over my lap. Jan was more than an admin… she was like a second mom.

She wanted me to eat it… but I told her I’d be keeping it. It was to cool to eat (and would probably be pretty gross even when it was new). So Lollipop Buzz stayed in my desk drawer for several years and then was packed away until the other day when I shot these pictures. I guess he’s not a lollipop in the literal sense… he’s more of a gummy bear texture covered with sugar and icing. The icing has held up very well. Still has good color… but the skin toned gummy parts are defiantly showing some serious decomposition.


I would usually poke fun at a face like this. His nose is smashed His visor is a sickly brown color. His eyebrows are not even there… but this thing has sentimental value out the wazoo. See Jan, I told you I’d be hanging on to this thing.

At least they got all the coloring right on the chest plate. Blue, Green, Red and even put the little streak of yellow for the nameplate. I wish I had a picture of how it look originally. It was done very well.

It was purchased at the Disney Store in Kansas City, Missouri between 2004 and 2006.

If you give me $100 bucks, I’ll eat it and post a video.

Hey, a fabulous little bonus.

Remember Fabulous Buzz? Well he’s make another appearance. This time on Ebay packaged with a couple of books.


I love the title, “NOT easy to find!” I call bull on that. You can practically trip all over them at the Dollar tree. Just in case you can’t make him out…


It’s most defiantly our Buzz. They must have made a million of these things and rather than drop a million of them in a landfill like the ET game back in the 80’s, they’re matching them up with everything. So far we’ve seen them called a cake topper, action figure and how a what? A “Figurine”? Well excuse me mister Figurine. I didn’t realize we were dealing with the royalty of Action Figures here. It apparently takes a toy of your caliber to sell tiny board books which I’m sure are quite exhaustive on the subjects of Shapes, Counting and the Mystery Subject! I’m guessing Colors.

Mr. Fabulous Buzz Figurine… you ain’t no more a figurine than a match is a lighthouse!! You need to wipe that smirk off your face and at least be holding a book or something.

If you wan’t one head over to ebay. The shipping is as much as the starting bid (always love that). Or you could go to Dollar Tree and buy it for a buck.

Ok, just one more thing…

I was on ebay today and found this.


OMG! It’s the mini Buzz from Small Fry!! He exists in toy form and I must have him. He comes with the little drink and fries you see there, but then all of that is inside a Poultry Palace “fun meal” box!! It’s made by Mattel. As I said, they’re selling it on ebay, but I don’t want to pay $42 bucks for it. Obviously┬áthese sellers are buying it somewhere, marking it up and reselling. If I could find where they’re getting it I could cut out the middle man.

If you know anything or have seen them somewhere I’d be grateful for some info.

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