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Lollipop Buzz Lightyear Is A Classic Gift & Memory


This is a butt-old Buzz Lightyear lollipop.

I’m not gonna lie… it looks about as eatable as a urinal cake. Be that as it may I will keep him until my dying day (and beyond). That’s because when I look at this morbid visage of Buzz Lightyear with his sickly looking face and his happy but browning alien friend… I see the day it showed up on my desk next to a giftbag full of goodies from the best Administrative Assistant in the whole world! Jan knew how to give Buzz Lightyear gifts… unlike some people. Not only would you get a bag full of goodies, Jan would make you a punch bowl cake. It’s like a bunch of layers of cake, pudding, cake, goodness, cake and awesomeness. She would always include a card that had little sprinkles in them. Half the time I would forget and they’d fall out all over my lap. Jan was more than an admin… she was like a second mom.

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Buzz Lightyear Candy Collectibles


Today we have a collection of candy related items I’ve collected over the years. From left to right: a netted bag of chocolate coins (that if eaten would surely put you in the hospital); a candy camera that contains candy (also would put you in a hospital); two tins of red hots (probably still good but older than my kids who are 8 and 5); and a spin pop that doesn’t spin (lollipop probably still edible but you go first).

Not much to say about the chocolate coins. They’re foil wrapped and each has an image from one of the Toy Story movies. The coins inside appear (through the wrapper) to be flat discs, not embossed with any sort of image in the chocolate itself. The website eatbydate.com says that chocolate lasts between 2-4 months. It’s been between 8-12 years since I bought them. Safe to say they’re better looking on the outside.

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Buzz 034 – Skittles Buzz

We’re potty training our 2 year old son. He gets a Skittle every time he pees in the potty so we’ve got this huge bag of Skittles laying around. It occurred to me that there were probably enough different colors in there to fashion some kind of Buzz image. I was right. If you’re having troubles making him out (he’s kind of low-rez) maybe the picture below will help.

This Buzz says, “Buzz Lightyear: Taste the mayo.”