Vinyl Window Stickers: Buzz, Star Wars and Doctor Who


This is the sticker from the back of my Honda Element. I got it off Ebay in 2003 and it’s been on there ever since.

As you can see the vinyl is dried, cracked and brittle… but it’s still hanging in there… even with the windshield wiper rubbing across the top half.

I’ve since looked for a replacement online and have yet to find the exact same one. If you find one shoot me a link.

Though I don’t know what kind of reactions I get while I’m driving, I’ve had quite a few kids say, “Mom! Buzz!” and point at the car while in the parking lot. I can only imagine that parents are showing it to their children when I’m the road as well. It causes a lot of hot girls to follow me around wherever I’m going. Takes me an extra 10-15 minutes because I have to give them the slip.

My Vanity Plate Dream

I’ve always wanted to get a vanity plate to compliment it. It would read “BZLTYR”. Hopefully you just read that as “Buzz Lightyear”. The main reason I haven’t it because of the way Florida does it’s plates. They split the six letters so there’s a huge gap with a graphic in the middle.

Six letters with a huge gap.

Six letters with a huge gap.

It works fine for SAMPLE but “BZL  TYR” if anything needs to be split after the “BZ”. People will be trying to read it going “Bezel Tire?”

We do have another option with no gap, but it’s only five letters and the plates are all gaudy… and there’s a shark.

Sampl Gaudy Shark

Unless he’s wearing Woody’s hat and sying “Howdy, howdy, howdy!” I’m not interested.

So five letters works just fine for SAMPL but not for “BZLTY”. People will be reading “Buzzl Thank You?”

So yeah, I’m kind of ticked at Florida. Missouri had the perfect plate.

Missouri. The "Show me a great plate" State.

Missouri. The “Show me a great plate” State.

There’s a gap… but a small one. hardly noticeable. Oh well. They have folks putting their registration stickers in the gap now anyway. Same difference now I guess.

Rear Window (No Jimmy Stewart)


We have Buzz, the classic Nobody’s Listening sticker and a Podcast Kid sticker. No Christian Fish on my car thank you very much. I don’t drive well enough to be proclaiming the good news of the Gospel while I’m on the road. Though I know literally thousands of people come to Christ because of the Christian Fish, I just can’t bring myself to buy one. I also don’t have one of the “Stick Figure Families” that are so popular with the Soccer Mom sect. It’s mostly because they’re dumb. They say, “Hey, we have an intact family! We’re perfect!” while the poor single parent would never put up the stickers. Who want’s to advertise, “I made a mistake when I married their father! That’s why there’s no Dad sticker!” How do you represent your ex-wife and kids along with your current wife and kids? What if your Husband passes away? Do you put a halo and wings on his stick figure? So yeah, I’m not a fan. But you perfect families (like mine actually) you go for it.

If I had to get one it would be Star Wars…

Vader and Padme' have a baby Stormtrooper and a droid? Okay.

Vader and Padme’ have a baby Stormtrooper and a droid? Okay.

…or Zombies.


Nothing better than a zombie baby.

I’m not sure I need to find and replace the Buzz sticker anyway. I’ve been planning to get the logo from the blue part of Buzz’s chestplate cut large for the back window. I’ve even done the art already.


It would be awesome and a little more vague. Less people would know what they were looking at… but fellow Toy Story fans would. I just need to follow through and go down to the sign shop and have them cut it out for me.

But will there be room for my Tardis sticker?

It's a Doctor Who thing if you're wondering.

It’s a Doctor Who thing if you’re wondering.

I bought it on Etsy and still haven’t put it on the car. So many interests vying for the top position of my interest. Buzz will stand firm.

What do you have stuck to the back of your car?

Let us know in the comments. Better yet, shoot a pic and post it here, on twitterfacebook or email it to and I’ll feature them here!

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