My Creepiest Buzz Lightyear Ever


The other day I had a friend in my home office looking around at my Buzz collection. She asked, “What’s your creepiest Buzz?” And it took me a little while to actually think of it. Mexican Buzz is a little off, but not creepy. “Stars and Stripes” Buzz is weird, but not creepy. Then my eyes fell upon a bit of paper laying on a box of collectibles… and I knew I had found the single most creepy item in my Buzz Lightyear collection.

It is me. I’m the creepiest Buzz I have.


Have you ever seen such a thing? No, I didn’t buy this or create this. Yes, there is a story.

The Story

I have mentioned before that I once had the most wonderful admin assistant ever. She game me the Buzz Lollipop¬†you may recall. Well, for a birthday or some special event she decided to look online for the perfect gift. Instead she found this guy who would photoshop your loved one’s head onto a popular character’s body for like 5 bucks. So that’s what I got that year. She not only gave me my copy… she kept one of her own. Put it right up next to her computer on a cork board back in 2002 I’d guess. And I’d put money on the fact that it’s still there today.

She meant the best I know… but if she were to be honest… this wasn’t for me, it was for her! She thought it was sooooo cute. It’s taking all I’ve got to even share this thing online. At least the photo is from a much younger version of myself… back when I was trying hard to look like a Pastor. Note that it also says, “Pastor Buzz!” which was a name I really hoped wouldn’t catch on. And thank God it didn’t.

Jan, when you read this, and I know you eventually will, you know I love you, but you gave me the creepiest Buzz I’ll ever have. My stupid head stuck on Buzz’s body. A good idea in theory… butt horrible in practice.

You’re New Facebook Profile Pic


I love how my collar is still in the picture. Both my shirt and suit jacket. I just got a stupid idea. I’m going to do it over… and better.

My Attempt At Bettering Creepy Pastor Buzz

First I found the original screencap from Toy Story 2.


Notice that the final image was cropped to take out the feather. I’ll do the same.


A pretty good match though the original shows a bit more of the floor. Now to mask out the face. Which is what the first artist should have done.

Fullscreen capture 7222013 103015 PM

I had to use the face from the original picture because I couldn’t find the original. I sized it, stretched it, shaded, shadowed, hand drew a chin curl and altered the skin tone to match the real Buzz. Then I replaced the text with “Pastor Buzz!” like in the original using an LED font I downloaded. All that to come up with this.


What do you think? Less or more creepy than the original?

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