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My Creepiest Buzz Lightyear Ever


The other day I had a friend in my home office looking around at my Buzz collection. She asked, “What’s your creepiest Buzz?” And it took me a little while to actually think of it. Mexican Buzz is a little off, but not creepy. “Stars and Stripes” Buzz is weird, but not creepy. Then my eyes fell upon a bit of paper laying on a box of collectibles… and I knew I had found the single most creepy item in my Buzz Lightyear collection.

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Buzz Lightyear Cakes: Part 1 – Bursting


In my online travels I’ve come across several Buzz Lightyear cakes. I thought it would be cool to feature some of them in a post. To my surprise there are many more Buzz Lightyear cakes out there than I ever thought possible. More than I expected, and more than I will end up featuring here. But, instead of one post, there are more than enough for at least 4-5 posts.

I’ve grouped them into categories. Today’s category is what we’ll call “Bursting” because apparently a popular feature of custom Buzz cakes is to have him bursting out of the top of the cake itself.

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