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    I wasn’t planning on posting Giant Lego Minifig Buzz Clock today… but apparently kids.woot.com had him for sale and several of my online friends wanted to make sure I saw it. Fear not online friends! For I already have him!

    For posterity.

    For posterity.

    I think I got him off Amazon.com and defiantly paid full price unlike the half-off that kids.woot was offering.

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    I’m very excited to be sharing this item with you today. This may be the single weirdest Buzz Lightyear item I have ever seen or owned. Even after all these years I just don’t get why a Buzz Lightyear water bottle holder was ever made.

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    Of all of the items I’ve shared so far this is the most recent addition… That’s right folks… a Buzz Lightyear shaped PS2 trackball Mouse still in the box from 19Godknowswhen. I picked it up on Ebay for $10. I remember back when they were new, but I was in my ‘use it’ phase and couldn’t imagine what kind of hand cramps I’d get trying to compute with that thing. It’s not the most ergonomic design in the world. I would defiantly classify this as one of my more unique and outright odd collectibles. [click to continue…]


    Do you like Buzz Lightyear? Check out over 259 pieces of Buzz Lightyear Fan Art I’ve done. See some of my Buzz Lightyear Collection!

    I have some core beliefs about Buzz Lightyear that I would like to share with you. You may not agree with my views. You may find these views controversial, hateful, and possibly trivial, but they are the Truth. There is a real Buzz Lightyear and a false one.

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    Cereal & Fast Food Prize Buzz Lightyears

    If today’s group of Buzzes were a food group you would place them firmly in the Junk Food group. Sugared cereals and Fast food are known for their cheap attempts at attracting the elementary set by offering trinkets and toys. I believe I have something from every Disney/Pixar promotion of this type ever done.

    From left to right we have a Little Green Man (LGM) mini bobble head from Kellog’s, a Buzz “Puppet” from Burger King, a small plush beanie Buzz from Kellog’s, another mini bobblehead cept it’s Buzz, and a Toy Story flip book from Cinnamon Toast Crunch. [click to continue…]


    I’ve got three different officially licensed Toy Story video games here. From left to right: Toy Story Animated Story Book, Toy Story Power Play and Toy Story 2 Action Game.

    I got the left two, the ones still shrink wrapped, from a toy store in Kansas City that I happened upon that was selling tons of different toys for 40-50% off. My Buzz collection benefited greatly on that night as you’ll see with other items that will be featured later on.

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    Buzz & Woody Soap

    June 5, 2013 · 2 comments

    Buzz & Woody Soap Set

    Though I don’t remember which, I received this item as a gift from my sister on one of my birthdays at least 10 years ago. If not more.

    I was still a gatherer and user of Buzz Lightyear rather than a real collector back then. I was torn when I opened it. Would I use it or keep it? It bothered me enough that I didn’t like it for a while.

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    Buzz Food Items

    I’ll be the first to admit… this is probably kind of gross. Especially considering the expiration dates on these are between 2002 & 2003. The only one still edible is the Campbell’s Fun Shapes. Though it were canned in 2002 they don’t go bad till 2105! The cereal and fun snacks seem fine… it’s the Pop Tarts that really feel nasty. Mostly because they’re so heavy and you can feel them shift around inside the box. They were purple and green to start with! I can’t imagine what they look like now.

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    Buzz Lightyear CD Wallet

    First off let me say that I really, really wish I could post these items in the order that I acquired them. There’s a crazy little part of my brain that is freaking out that I’ll just have to post them randomly. I also would like to be able to have a story for every item… and until now I thought I knew where every one of them came from… but I don’t remember. So you get what you get.

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    My First Buzz Lightyear

    I had to go digging through my kid’s rooms to find him but he’s still here. He’s the very first Buzz Lightyear collectible I ever bought. I purchased him at The Magic Kingdom in Florida on my honeymoon in June of 1996. Toy Story was released in November of 1995 and this was 7 months later. Being the first feature-length computer animated film my interest went far beyond the story. Everything about it thrilled me… but especially the movie’s main character, a squatty grey and green suited spaceman.

    I remember seeing this toy for the first time, being amazed that there was an actual toy that looked exactly like the ‘toy’ in the movie. He was what we would now call an “instabuy”. I took him out of the box and literally played with him back at the hotel. This is something I really regret now… but he was so awesome!

    He spent the next year on my computer desk. Any friends that came over with children loved to play with him. One young man in particular will always live in infamy for breaking and then denying the breakage of the wing ejection button. Nic was 8 at the time. He’s now in his 20’s. You did it Nic. Time to face the music!

    Years later Buzz made another appearance that sticks out in my memory. There was a man in our church who had a wife dying of cancer. We went to see him, and her… and for some strange reason I took Buzz with me to give to the man. I even told him, “I don’t know why but I want you to keep him till she’s better.” He responded as if I had given him the best gift in the world. Buzz stayed in that hospital room for quite a while. The poor lady lost her battle and Buzz came home.

    A few years later that man met and married my sister.

    Buzz sat on various office shelves over the next few years until 2008 when we had our son. He went to live with little James. First as a nursery decoration and later on as a real toy.

    He’s scuffed and scratched. His batteries need replacing. His wings don’t pop out anymore (Nic!) but he will always be my first Buzz. He turns 17 this June.