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Cereal & Kid’s Meal Prize Buzz Lightyears

Cereal & Fast Food Prize Buzz Lightyears

If today’s group of Buzzes were a food group you would place them firmly in the Junk Food group. Sugared cereals and Fast food are known for their cheap attempts at attracting the elementary set by offering trinkets and toys. I believe I have something from every Disney/Pixar promotion of this type ever done.

From left to right we have a Little Green Man (LGM) mini bobble head from Kellog’s, a Buzz “Puppet” from Burger King, a small plush┬ábeanie Buzz from Kellog’s, another mini bobblehead cept it’s Buzz, and a Toy Story flip book from Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Continue reading

Buzz Lightyear Food Collection

Buzz Food Items

I’ll be the first to admit… this is probably kind of gross. Especially considering the expiration dates on these are between 2002 & 2003. The only one still edible is the Campbell’s Fun Shapes. Though it were canned in 2002 they don’t go bad till 2105! The cereal and fun snacks seem fine… it’s the Pop Tarts that really feel nasty. Mostly because they’re so heavy and you can feel them shift around inside the box. They were purple and green to start with! I can’t imagine what they look like now.

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