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  • Buzz Collection


    Today my son J is helping me display a couple of Halloween related items. We’ve got a Buzz Head Treat Bucket and a Buzz Lightyear Costume.

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    Disney pins are fun! I don’t really do the whole pin collecting thing with the lanyards and the trading… but unless you’ve been to a Disney park you don’t know about that anyway.

    But it looks like this:

    It looks fun!

    It looks fun!

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    Before you today is my kid-sized Buzz Lightyear Umbrella. Before you is also my first-born daughter, Jenna. It was raining today so we decided it would be fun to shoot it outside.

    This umbrella is a very important part of my Buzz Lightyear collection. It is easily the best thing I own. There are only a few things I hold more dear than this umbrella. One would be…

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    In the “What Were They Thinking” category of Buzz Lightyear products… this one takes the cake. A star-spangled monstrosity called the “Stars & Stripes” Buzz Lightyear.

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    It’s time again to delve into the limits of my extensive and ever expanding Buzz collection and mention a few items I don’t own.

    Remember, if I don’t have it it’s because (1) I Do Not Want It, (2) It’s Too Expensive, (3) I Can’t Buy It, or (4) I Just Haven’t Bought It Yet.

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    Keychains! Woo hoo! I remember when collecting a huge wad of keychains was the thing, for girls. There would always be at least one miniature stuffed animal and a koosh keychain in there somewhere.

    I don’t consider myself a keychain collector… but I’ve acquired a few over the years.

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    Today I present my first ever Buzz Lightyear poster. It hails from 1995.

    This joker has hung in several locations over the years. It’s been in Macon, Georgia, Lakeland, Florida, Kansas City, Missouri and now in Saint Petersburg, FL. The best place he hug though was in a little blue and white nursery over the crib of my son James. The whole room was done up like Andy’s room with several shelves lined with Buzz Lightyear memorabilia.

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    So I have this kite. Probably cost $2. But it means a lot to me.

    It was given to me by my bus driver. I say ‘my’ driver because back in 2000-2003 or so I was a “Bus Captain” in charge of a route picking up inner-city youth to attend the Waj’n War Youth Group. Some of the best memories of my life was during that time.

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    In a previous post called Buzz Lightyear: Gifts From Children I wrote about “Fabulous” Buzz (above). Back when I got him he was being sold as a cake topper.

    I was in Dollar Tree the other day and found this.

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    Jiggle Beans

    Possibly the best name for a product ever conceived. But isn’t the word “Jiggle” usually reserved for Jello and lady parts? Yes. But we’re Disney so we’ll do whatever the Fairy Godmother we want! We’re slapping that moniker on our new product and that product is for children!

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