Buzz Stuff I Don’t Own, Part 2


It’s time again to delve into the limits of my extensive and ever expanding Buzz collection and mention a few items I don’t own.

Remember, if I don’t have it it’s because (1) I Do Not Want It, (2) It’s Too Expensive, (3) I Can’t Buy It, or (4) I Just Haven’t Bought It Yet.

Do Not Want – Buzz Lightyear Digital Camera


This joker was available at The World of Disney in Orlando, Florida for months. For all I know it’s still there. It’s a Buzz Lightyear digital camera. YOu can see the little lens in the middle of his chest there. The viewfinder is the purple ring on his head. He’s only about $15 dollars but I’ve never been interested. It’s mainly because of the fact that he looks like he’s trying to hold in a fart. Look at him. Teeth clenched, fists clenched, looking up with a hopeful look on his face. Ridiculous. If his facial expression had been different he would have been a great looking character.

Too Expensive – Buzz Lightyear LCD TV


This is a rare¬†Hannspree Buzz Lightyear 9.6″ LCD television. I saw them at Target back in 2005. I was interested, it looks pretty cool, but the price tag was upwards of $300 dollars. Three hundred bucks for a 9.6″ screen? I don’t care who it’s shaped like. This item got pretty unattractive after I saw that price tag. Plus it looks like someone turned Buzz into a frog then chopped his head off and shoved a flat panel in his neck. However… if someone offered me one for free… I would be glad to add it to my collection… but I’m never going to pay that kind of money for it.

Can’t Buy It – Buzz Lightyear Crafted Bra


Okay, before you rush to the comments to poke fun at me… this item falls into two categories. Both “Can’t Buy It” and “Too Expensive”. ūüôā

This was an item posted on Esty that went viral a year or so ago. The person that made it is not making them any longer… but that’s quite alright. I can’t really use this myself… and I’d have to buy a dress form to display it on. I actually can’t imagine anyone actually making use of this thing. Other than the fact that it’s painted it looks like a mom bra.

It’s cool from the perspective that someone did a great job with the artwork… it’s crap because it’s underwear. That being said… I do own a pair of Buzz Lightyear boxer shorts. Two pair actually. One that I’ve worn and one that is factory fresh. I’ll spare you on the details of how many years I’ve owned them.

Haven’t Bought Yet – Toy Story Alien (Little Green Man) Dressed As Buzz Lightyear


I love this thing. I will own it someday. Especially since I drew a picture of this very thing back when I was doing daily Buzz Lightyear Fan Art. I was pretty spot on actually. They didn’t add a huge clear dome… but the purple neck ring is there. This little guy hails from Japan for about $30 bucks plus shipping. It’s on my Amazon Wishlist… and my birthday is coming up August 8th… the big 4-0. Hint.

Reader Submitted Buzz – Buzz VTech Learn and Go

From reader Chris Cowan:


We’re looking at a ¬†VTech Buzz Lightyear Learn and Go. They run about $65 bucks. I wouldn’t own one because it doesn’t display well and the price is to high for something I’m not going to actually use. If my son wanted one really bad I might make it a Christmas gift. But other than that this one’s going to have to stay on the shelf.

That being said, It’s a good looking toy. Much better than that Digital Camera up at the top. Buzz looks good and it looks like they even worked the buttons into the mechanics of the thing. Thanks Chris for sharing this. I had not seen it before… which is rare.

If there’s something you find out there that you think I might be interested in, why not snap a pic and share it with me via¬†email,¬†facebook¬†or¬†twitter¬†or post it in the comments.

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