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  • mmd-ep7-adobe-audition-presets

    Once again we’re celebrating the little, tiny wonderful things in life… which this week are:

    • Adobe Audition Presets and Windows Fonts still on my computer due to an SSD.
    • Nobody’s Listening podcast is being featured in “What’s Hot” in the “Kids and Family” section of iTunes along with Made My Day.
    • I survived three days without my family with no noticeable anxiety or depression!
    • A great quote from Unknown.
    • We got all our Christmas presents wrapped and one on Christmas eve-eve.
    • A little miscommunication from my 5 year old son concerning the dog.
    • Jenn and I talked about our future.
    • Got an awesome comment from a MMDCast listener.
    • Got Christmas all set-up by midnight Christmas eve.
    • Jenna cried with joy when she saw our gift to the family.
    • J enjoyed an unexpected gift the most of all.
    • Jenn cooked an amazing meal.
    • I got some good loot for Christmas!
    • Went to Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida with the family… and a good attitude.
    • Jenna’s got jokes… so does J.
    • My friend Jon sends me a heartwarming video.
    • The kids enjoy their Squishy Baff.
    • Jenn lets me off the hook with a very astute observation about the podcast.
    • Reading a great book: Exiles: Living Missionally in a Post-Christian Culture
    • My friend, Ethan Nicolle has had an amazing year!

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    This week we’re talking about the wonderful little things that make every day worthwhile. Stuff like: A special MMD from my daughter, J’s Stuffed Reindeer, the dog is finally doing what he’s supposed to be, my daughter is acting like… and that’s a good thing. PDQ and Jenna’s going to get a knife… or two. Talking with my friend Paul Godbout. J winning an art contest. J’s wedding ceremony plans. Writing a chapter book or novel or short story… haven’t decided yet. Finding Jupiter with the help of my daughter’s new telescope. Taking pictures of the Moon. The kids finally trapped the stuffed reindeer. And writing a silly story about a peanut.

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    This episode crams two weeks of MMD moments into one show… and contrary to the title, it is family safe. We’re talking about Minecraft Birthdays, Sara Bareilles, bad hard drives, photos from the past, ministry moments, making a creeper from boxes, impressing my wife, my wife trying to convince my son that his “stuffie” is moving at night, Doctor Who is too much, plus your Made My Day moments!

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    I haven’t written a life update for quite a while. Probably because when you’re feeling better after an extended bout with crippling depression and anxiety you would rather be doing stuff you couldn’t do before rather than talking about it.

    But that being said, I am doing better. So, so, so much better. Not all the way better… but closer to normal than I’ve been in quite a while.

    [click to continue…]



    This week it’s wireless routers, Candyland with dares, Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode, MMD is a featured iTunes podcast, watching Doctor who with the kids, reading Harry Potter to my daughter, seeing Frozen, having Thanksgiving at Cracker Barrel and thanking a waitress.

    Links mentioned:



    This week we’re talking about Thanksgiving T-shirts, scaring your own children, tired eyes, USB 2.0 card readers, Axe Cop, Doctor Who, failing a math test, stealing a bedroom, an exploding Target, giant bubbles, being an artist, sauce problems, Star Wars loft beds, christmas stories, a kid from Ireland, Jesus being dead and how you don’t have to be thankful for crappy stuff that happens to you. Very liberating.


    Links mentioned in show:

    Between 2009 and 2011 I wrote three different Christmas stories for an annual Christmas Eve service.

    The first one, The Very Last Room was (and is) by far the most popular. It’s the Nativity story told from the viewpoint of a child in the family who happened to take the very last room in Bethlehem. The theme of the story is simple: Jesus must be welcomed into our lives. We must make room.

    The Very Last Room, by James Kennison

    The second story is another alternate perspective take on the Nativity. This time we’re hearing about Jesus’ very first birthday from Mary herself, as told from mother to her 6 year-old son. The Birthday Story is apparently an annual ritual that little Jesus looks forward to each year. It’s cute and has some humor but the end is bittersweet as Mary unknowingly refers to Jesus’ future crucifiction, believing that he would be made a great King one day(as many did). The concept is based on Luke 2:19 where it is mentioned that Mary kept the things that happen to her little son close to her heart… as any mother would.

    The Birthday Story, by James Kennison

    The third and last story I’ve written is what I’ll call a Christmas Fable. The story revolves around a young man with several bad attitudes that many children have around Christmas time. He is self-centered, jealous, angry, disobedient and has a lack of self-control. All of these attitudes lead to actions that threaten to not only ruin Christmas for Billy… but for his entire family. Thankfully The Christmas Repair Service shows up at the doorstep to save the day. With each repair one of Billy’s character flaws is also corrected. Children who hear this story will be reminded to put others first, parents make rules to protect us, and that we must let Jesus change us because you can’t fix yourself!

    The Christmas Repair Service, by James Kennison (Coming Soon)


    Though I have not published any of these stories, I have made them available via PDF and PowerPoint for $10. Folks use them for Christmas Eve church services. High quality video downloads along with the PDF and PowerPoint are available for $20.

    People have mentioned that I should get these published into books. This is not possible at this time due to the cost, but if anyone is interested in making something like that happen… feel free to contact me.


    I took pictures so fast it looked almost like a video so I turned it into an animated GIF.

    I’ve just finished designing what I hope will become a epic AT AT loft bed for the boy. I’ve seen of these online… but the design’s were either too simple, out of scale (skinny legs), or overly complex and awesome (aka expensive). This one is somewhere in between.


    Firstly since it’s for a 5 year old young man I modeled it after the Galactic Heroes style Imperial Walker.


    The Galactic Heroes version is a little chubbier with shorter legs and a fat head. Lends itself more to the size and shape of a child’s bed than the typical variety.

    Here are some shots from various angles. I hope to have this thing built before February (the boy’s birthday), so stay tuned for updates.

    Click the pics to make them bigger.


    The outer skin is basically layers of MDF cut to various shapes.


    The bed will be very sturdy. I built it first then added the decorations to be sure I wasn’t sacrificing safety for looks.


    The backside shows the open side window and the entrance to the head area.





    The head was just big enough to create a little crawl area. I’ll probably put in some plexiglass so he can see out through the “eyes”.


    Speaking of eyes. Here’s a close up of the head. The guns will be simple PVC.


    The back faces the back wall, no sense in adding a rear end to this thing. Plus it makes it super easy to get up and down that ladder.


    Random top view.


    Bottom view shows off the two beams that will keep the head secure.

    Now we’ve just got to see if my wife will let me build it.



    I figured I’d do my little Pixel’d Buzz (Buzz 247) as a giant Minecraft sculpture. Two dimensional this time.

    Enjoy some pics. Click to make them big.

    2013-11-19_02.28.45 2013-11-19_02.29.16