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Video: Automate Id3 Tag Editing With Mp3Tag Actions

This is a video tutorial that explains how you can fill in the static (unchanging) fields of your podcast episode id3 tags automatically using Mp3Tag Actions.

If you have several podcasts or even one regular show typing in the ARTIST, ALBUM, YEAR and other static content can be redundant and if you’re me, outright annoying. Thankfully Mp3Tag (a free download) allows you to set up Actions to automate this process.

The video above shows how to use the TITLE field and a series of format actions to fill in every id3 tag field, including the importation of your podcast cover art. After you’ve set up your first set of actions, creating one per podcast is a snap.

If you have any tips about Mp3Tag or id3 tags in general, please leave them in the comments. Thanks!

Download Mp3Tag (PC Only)

Man Who Builds Swords Builds Sword of Omens (Thundercats)

Man At Arms builds swords. He records the process and uploads it to YouTube. I’ve worked with a lot of mediums… but metal will never be one of them. But watching this guy work makes me with I could. I’d probably burn, grind or just plain cut off my fingers within the first five minutes.


Children’s Ministry Raw


This weekend we recorded our JAM City children’s church service using four cameras and an portable audio recorder. I spent most of Sunday afternoon and all day Monday putting it all together and editing it down. The result is a 56 minute video cut into 10 minute segments available for your viewing pleasure on YouTube.

No set. No fancy lighting. No amazing costumed characters. Just a bunch of passion and a great group of kids (it was a ‘rain Sunday’ so not even a large group of kids). 😉

I’ve edited out a lot of our more fun segments to focus on the ministry portions… but I plan to make those available as separate clips shortly. Stuff your missing is: Rules & Regs, Jumps, Offering, Praise & Worship, and Game Time.

If you have any questions about anything you see in the video… leave a comment below and I’ll get right back to you.

Link: JAM City Children’s Church Video