Buzz Lightyear Coloring and Activity Books Need Love Too


Yesterday was Buzz Books. Today we got kinda books. They’re just a little dash of everything that I could manage to group together today. Folks, today you’ll see giant posters, coloring books, fake Buzz Lightyears and more! Be amazed.


Toy Story 2 My Size Poster

Right away I have to assume that when they say “my size” they aren’t referring to me. I haven’t unfolded and eyeballed this thing… but I doubt I could use it like a blanket or anything. Looking closer I can see it’s measuring in at 28″ across by 40″ tall. So yeah, I’m apparently not the target market here.

It says to “collect all three posters” so I’m now realizing that this only has one poster. What a rip. And again, as always, “ages three and up”! Give this to a two year old and it’ll destroy them. Buzz literally comes to life and zaps your baby in the belly button. Instant disintegration… which was not a feature they drew a lot of attention to in the movies.


Had to show the back here because there’s a set of Rose Art markers and some stickers. Rose Art products are the best… if you want to use your own spit to moisturize the markers so they’ll work. I just remember as a child, anything that wasn’t Crayola just sucked. One good thing I see is that they took the time to think about what colors you’d need to complete the poster. All of the Buzz colors are here including a flesh tone and grey markers. Love that bright green one. I’m sure they’ll all just dust inside after 14 years.


Toy Story Big Color/Activity Book

I apparently got this back in 1996 or 1997 though it was made in ’95. Paid $1.99 for it at Godknowswhere. You know that store? Great customer service. Hard to hear though.

Love they way they jacked the TS logo up putting the words side-by-side. Like it wouldn’t have fit the normal way. See, even Buzz notices something is awry.

It has some great original illustrations to color covering the entire Toy story from beginning to end. There’s a great one depicting an evil Sid trying to work the claw machine. Wish I could show it to you. It’s awesome. You’ll have to go back in time and space to the moment I bought it and snatch it from my still young hands. But when/if you do, just look and hand it back. That way we’ll avoid a paradox. Would be really jacked up to ruin the universe over a coloring book.


Stupid Buzz of Star Command Coloring Book

Not real Buzz. Don’t care. Has “Galaxy Fold-out” whatever that means. Has some fat dude on the front and Buzz’s thumb is on fire. Someone gifted this to me back in 2002. Bad gift.

Funny note. This coloring book was actually “written”. It was written by Frank Berrios. Sorry Frank. Your book is crap. Should have written for the real Buzz Lightyear not Buzz lite.


Toy Story Learn To Letter Pad of Paper

This book is the worst. It just has the alphabet on the back of the cover and a bunch of giant lined paper. Guess they expect me to write my own book. Sure, I’ll give it a go.

Once upon a time someone made a pad of paper more interesting by adding a picture of Buzz and Woody to the front cover. It was The Mead Corporation located in Dayton, Ohio. The End.


Toy Story 2 Puzzle Pals Coloring Book

Best cover of the bunch. Love the green background. Classic Buzz pose. Has the little LGM for good measure… and they didn’t jack up the logo. Plus it’s “Packed With Puzzles & Mazes”!

Can’t make fun of that… it truly is. It’s a thick little coloring book. Has a lot of activities like, “Draw a new Utility Belt for Buzz,” and “Draw your favorite toy”. If I drew my favorite toy I would draw my computer.


Toy Story Paint & Marker Coloring Book

I always loved these when I was a kid. They have thicker paper and nothing printed on the back of each page… so the markers don’t leak through and mess up a drawing on the back. Markers beat crayons every day of the week!

We cracked on Golden Books yesterday so I’ll mention some of the features. It has “Special, Heavy Paper for Paints & Markers” and “Easy Tear-Out Pages”. That second feature is crap. When you’re 8 years old trying to tear out a page… you feel like a Safe Cracker. You’re all sweating, concentrating, going slow cause if you pull to hard or fast that paper’s ripping right in half. Then the police come but it’s Joker in a mask so he shoots you.

It’s full of great illustrations including another classic Sid holding both Buzz and Woody with the “Let’s play” look on his face. Again, would love to show it to you but paradoxes.

While I love the scene in TS where Buzz jumps in the front of the Pizza Planet truck and secures his safety harness, I don’t know that it makes a great cover. He’s not looking real bright there. Plus, jacked up logo again! Boo!

Well, that brings us to the end of another collection within a collection of Buzz Lightyear stuff. Oh yeah, one more thing.

We’ve got a reader submission!


Buzz Lightyear Beach Towel

Here’s what reader Fred had to say about it. “It’s long enough to be a beach towel. We’ve had it a while, so I’m not sure where we bought it either.”

Yes, Fred it is a beach towel as it bears 16×8 ratio typical of towels of this kind. I can also tell it’s a 50-50 ploly-cotton blend. Very common in TS towels produced after 2010. The graphics on this are crystal clear and vivid. You’ve taken very good care of this. Unfortunately these were pretty common in 2011. Available at Walmart, Target, Biff’s Beachside Rip-off Store… just about anywhere. That does lower the value a bit… but the condition makes it a little rarer. You say your Grandmother passed this down to you? No? It was left in the car by a cousin? Wow. What a stroke of luck. If you were to put this towel on the auction block or offer it to a collector I would estimate the value at $2.37. If you’d washed it… even $3.00.

Thanks everyone for reading! Hope you got a kick out of this. I’m really enjoying sharing my collection with you. I may have said this before, but so far we’re still going through stuff that I keep in storage bins. So it’s not my favorite display pieces. So the best is yet to come!

If you have a cool Buzz toy, gadget or whatever… email a pic to me and I’ll make fun of it. You’re kids will love seeing their stuff online.

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