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    I’ve been wanting to make a Buzz Lightyear clock for years. I bought the wood and clock movement 3+ years ago and just never got to it. Finally the stars aligned and I pulled out the materials and got to work. My original plan for years was to mimic the swinging leg type of clock like the Elvis clock I had back in the day. [click to continue…]


    I drew this the other night with my finger and my iPad while suffering a depressive episode. I wasn’t drawing him to look like I felt… but the scribble style, yes, that’s how I felt.

    I talk about this piece in my podcast Made My Day: EP 23 – This Thing I Do.


    It’s another week of celebrating the little, tiny wonderful things in life. Things like:

    Getting cake; my kids getting to hold my iPad; not having a great day, but making it into a good one; taking down Christmas lights with controlled anger; torturing my son; solutions to my hard drive woes; a good day of writing and inspiration; fixing Christmas for my wife; successfully recovering nearly every meaningful file from the failed drive bringing an end to the hard drive debacle of 2013; crushing my man dot between 12 packs of soda, getting a Buzz Lightyear from Tokyo, Japan; and throwing ice to enhance my performance of “Let It Go”.

    Mentioned on the show:




    Back again for week 8 of Made My Day celebrating the little, tiny wonderful things in life. Things like:

    • Finton from Ireland reminds me of better times and good ministry.
    • Going out to dinner an not only saves money, but I don’t mind the crowd.
    • 2013 tried to kill me and my family. We survived. Not everyone does survive Depression. Being that close to darkness changes your perspective on suicide.
    • I struck gold with at least one of my wife’s Christmas gifts.
    • I’m loving my new podcast headphones and a wired, low-profile, illuminated keyboard, which were Christmas presents from my lovely wife.
    • I completely cleaned and dusted my home office… which with all of my Buzz Lightyear collectables, was no easy task.
    • I picked out lamps for our living room. Jenn liked them. I made her day and that automatically makes mine.
    • Purchased a new control card for my lost hard drive. It may allow me to recover some of the data after all. I’ve already pulled some images from the drive.
    • I’m really enjoying putting together a marble roller coaster I got for Christmas. Makes my heart jump when it finally works right.
    • I’m not working… but I’m going to find something to do with my 9-5 time during the day. Jenn is a good wife.

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    I figured I’d do my little Pixel’d Buzz (Buzz 247) as a giant Minecraft sculpture. Two dimensional this time.

    Enjoy some pics. Click to make them big.

    2013-11-19_02.28.45 2013-11-19_02.29.16


    Get ready to rock your socks off. Hardore Hard Rock at it’s best!

    **UPDATE** Giant Buzz Lightyear Music Video!!!!!

    A while back I decided to attempt to make a large enough Buzz Lightyear shoe that I could add the tread detail on the bottom. Quickly the shoe turned into nearly an entire leg.


    Last night I decided to finish this giant leg out with what turned out to be the biggest thing I’ve ever constructed in Minecraft.


    [click to continue…]

    If you search “Minecraft Buzz Lightyear” some of the stuff that comes up was either made by me or copied from slash inspired by something I did. Enjoy all of the found examples below.

    Thanks to all of the folks who have immortalized my stuff by doing your own versions! I’m honored.

    First up,

    Lego Minifig Buzz Pixel Art

    From this blog on December 19th, 2010:

    “In 2002 I was very into pixel art… and I really wanted a Buzz Lightyear Lego minifig. Alas there wasn’t such a thing until 2010. Here is what I imagined a Buzz Lightyear Minifig would look like.”

    Buzz Lightyear Lego Minifig Pixel Art

    [click to continue…]

    Lately in my free time I’ve been making Minecraft skins. It started when I wanted to update my old Buzz Lightyear player skin. Then I couldn’t find a good Tardis that I liked. Same with the Alien from Toy Story and Shaun from Shaun of the Dead. So I made my own. Feel free to download and use!

    To download right click on the skin under each display picture and save.

    Buzz Lightyear Minecraft Skin



    [click to continue…]


    The other day I had a friend in my home office looking around at my Buzz collection. She asked, “What’s your creepiest Buzz?” And it took me a little while to actually think of it. Mexican Buzz is a little off, but not creepy. “Stars and Stripes” Buzz is weird, but not creepy. Then my eyes fell upon a bit of paper laying on a box of collectibles… and I knew I had found the single most creepy item in my Buzz Lightyear collection.

    [click to continue…]