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Buzz Lightyear #263 – The Claw Clock


I’ve been wanting to make a Buzz Lightyear clock for years. I bought the wood and clock movement 3+ years ago and just never got to it. Finally the stars aligned and I pulled out the materials and got to work. My original plan for years was to mimic the swinging leg type of clock like the Elvis clock I had back in the day. Continue reading

AT AT Imperial Walker Loft Bed

I’ve just finished designing what I hope will become a epic AT AT loft bed for the boy. I’ve seen of these online… but the design’s were either too simple, out of scale (skinny legs), or overly complex and awesome (aka expensive). This one is somewhere in between.


Firstly since it’s for a 5 year old young man I modeled it after the Galactic Heroes style Imperial Walker.


The Galactic Heroes version is a little chubbier with shorter legs and a fat head. Lends itself more to the size and shape of a child’s bed than the typical variety.

Here are some shots from various angles. I hope to have this thing built before February (the boy’s birthday), so stay tuned for updates.

Click the pics to make them bigger.


The outer skin is basically layers of MDF cut to various shapes.


The bed will be very sturdy. I built it first then added the decorations to be sure I wasn’t sacrificing safety for looks.


The backside shows the open side window and the entrance to the head area.





The head was just big enough to create a little crawl area. I’ll probably put in some plexiglass so he can see out through the “eyes”.


Speaking of eyes. Here’s a close up of the head. The guns will be simple PVC.


The back faces the back wall, no sense in adding a rear end to this thing. Plus it makes it super easy to get up and down that ladder.


Random top view.


Bottom view shows off the two beams that will keep the head secure.

Now we’ve just got to see if my wife will let me build it.