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  • ep-16-knees-and-elbowsMy wife and I have differing views on power walkers.

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    This is a video tutorial that explains how you can fill in the static (unchanging) fields of your podcast episode id3 tags automatically using Mp3Tag Actions.

    If you have several podcasts or even one regular show typing in the ARTIST, ALBUM, YEAR and other static content can be redundant and if you’re me, outright annoying. Thankfully Mp3Tag (a free download) allows you to set up Actions to automate this process.

    The video above shows how to use the TITLE field and a series of format actions to fill in every id3 tag field, including the importation of your podcast cover art. After you’ve set up your first set of actions, creating one per podcast is a snap.

    If you have any tips about Mp3Tag or id3 tags in general, please leave them in the comments. Thanks!

    Download Mp3Tag (PC Only)

    ep-15-hidden-mickeysThis Memorial Day weekend cemented a family tradition in our family, and a Hidden Mickey hunt was the highlight of the trip.

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    A question was recently posed by Chris Cowan on The Hobby Podcaster Facebook group. He asked where the line was between podcasting as a hobby and being considered a professional. If you make money on your hobby podcast does that move you into the professional category? The conversation quickly shifted to the question of motivation… why and how we do what we do in the practice of podcasting. This is an important subject for me and what began as a short reply quickly became an entire post; the one you’re now reading. You may not agree with my particular slant on the topic—and if you don’t I would love to hear from you—but I think most of us would agree that our culture generally values Image over Integrity. This article is a critique of that distorted value, its influence on podcasting and our motivations in general.

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    Sometimes I think I enjoy starting new podcasts more than I actually like podcasting. Podcasting always wins out… but the result of my dual passions is that I have a lot of podcasts, some in an archived state, that are individually listed in iTunes. I’ve always worked to share each show’s audience with my other shows. That’s why I started the NLCast Podcast Network and even added a little toolbar to the top of each website in the network with links to the other shows. But the truth is, 9o% of my audience has never been to my site. They found me in iTunes or through their iPhone and their entire experience with my content has been via iTunes and on an individual show basis. Naturally I cross-promote within the shows themselves… but what I was trying accomplish could have been done a lot better, easier… and a long time ago if I’d known about this little trick. Here it is: [click to continue…]

    Failing ForwardThis we’re talking about failing. I messed up and missed out on an awesome opportunity… but it still made my day.

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    I Am Anti-Spider

    May 15, 2014 · 0 comments


    I am anti-spider. Have you seen these advice animal pics where spiders are cute and kind but then people are hurting them? I believe it’s part of the pro-spider agenda. I just want to make it clear that at JamesKennison.com we are 100% anti-spider. I would go as far as to say that I believe that being a spider is WRONG! I am absolutely #AntiSpider.

    I have been called me an Arachnophobe… and I’ll admit it’s partially true, but I have nothing against spiders personally, I just don’t want them around myself or my kids. The following are a series of short stories and observations that I have made over the years that I hope will educate you to the horrors of spiders. [click to continue…]


    Whenever I get an email asking for advice about starting a podcast, I always cringe after I ask what the show will be about and hear, “It’ll just be me and my friends talking about geeky stuff.” You’re allowed to podcasting however and about whatever you want, but I have news for you: Unless you are famous, nobody wants to hear you and your friends talk about random geeky stuff. As my fellow podcaster Chris Cowan said, “[Listeners are] only interested in…something that piques their interest…Talking about random stuff is not going to pique someone’s interest…talking about their favorite TV show, activity or subject matter [will].” In other words:

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    In April of 2013 I stepped down from my children’s pastor position due to the issues that arise when you can no longer hide your depression and anxiety disorders. It’s been just over a year since I’ve prepped a service, led a game, worked a puppet, preached an illustrated sermon or taught a memory verse. I miss the kids… but not Easter, Halloween and Kids Camp! But that’s a topic for another post.

    These days I find myself on the other-side of children’s ministry. Now I take my two children, 9 and 6, to someone elses kids church. We’ve been to several in fact. The view is quite a bit different out here than it was in there and I’d like to share as much as I can remember with you. It’s a unique perspective. I’m not another quirky parent demanding fundamental changes that only benefit my particular child. I’m a 13-year children’s ministry veteran who for now is standing in your check-in line. Here are some things that I noticed that were important to me:

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    Talking about a friend of mine who asked me out to see Amazing Spider-man II because of a connection that will never grow old.

    Also I’m recording Nobody’s Listening again.

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