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Thoughts On Amos Chapter 5:14-15, Part 2


This is a continuation of commentary on Amos 5:14-15. So read the first part first. This is the second part.

“Choose good instead of evil! See that justice is done.”

Good and evil. I immediately think of the evil villain tying the damsel to the railroad tracks. A few thoughts later and I’m thinking of those who kidnap, those traffic human beings, those who murder, steal and those who judge others. There are also the evils of child abuse, spouse abuse, self-abuse through the use of drugs and excess alcohol, gossiping, and countless others. Followers of Christ enjoy a little perk we call grace. Since early Christianity we have rested easy knowing that our sins are forgiven and our place in heaven is secure. And though that place is secure, we must not take advantage of that grace. Continue reading

Thoughts On Amos Chapter 5:14-15, Part 1


Amos 5:14-15 
If you really want to live, you must stop doing wrong and start doing right.
I, the Lord God All-Powerful, will then be on your side, just as you claim I am.
Choose good instead of evil! See that justice is done.
Maybe I, the Lord All-Powerful, will be kind to what’s left of your people.
Contemporary English Version (CEV)

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I am no bible scholar… but I do think hard about the biblical text that I read. I try to see it in it’s original context. That means that I try to understand what it meant to the people it was written to in the time period it was written. This is complicated exponentially by the fact that I know very little about the people or time period in question. So rather than claiming to know the exact original context, I will simply claim one thing: Continue reading