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Buzz Lightyear: Gifts From Children


We wrap up this week with a well worn collection of Buzz toys given to me over the years by children.

Which would be an odd thing were I not a Children’s Pastor from 2001-2013. Once the kids find out I’m a Buzz fan, they love to give me their old figures.

I’m ashamed to say that I have not kept many of them. Once I forget who they came from they lose their value. Plus these kids are 18+ now. They don’t care or remember anyway.

So although I don’t recall when these were given or who gave them, I do have a few comments for each.

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Buzz Lightyear Stuff I Don’t Own, Part 1


Along with all of the wonderful Buzz Lightyear items I’m sharing on a daily basis, I thought it would be prudent to share some of the things I down own.

Buzz stuff that I don’t own falls into three categories:

Do Not Want. These items are cheap, stupid looking, or just doesn’t do it for me. I also don’t purchase things that won’t display well on a shelf.

Too Expensive. There are many, many Buzz items I would own if they weren’t way overpriced or just outright costly.

Can’t buy it. Not everything I want to buy is available to buy. Stuff coming out of Japan can be hard to acquire. But most of the items in this category are no longer for sale. Ebay will have them once in a while… but it’s not likely.

Haven’t bought it yet. I can’t just buy everything I want all at once. I have a budget just like everyone else.

So without further ado, here are some items I don’t own.

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My First Buzz Lightyear

My First Buzz Lightyear

I had to go digging through my kid’s rooms to find him but he’s still here. He’s the very first Buzz Lightyear collectible I ever bought. I purchased him at The Magic Kingdom in Florida on my honeymoon in June of 1996. Toy Story was released in November of 1995 and this was 7 months later. Being the first feature-length computer animated film my interest went far beyond the story. Everything about it thrilled me… but especially the movie’s main character, a squatty grey and green suited spaceman.

I remember seeing this toy for the first time, being amazed that there was an actual toy that looked exactly like the ‘toy’ in the movie. He was what we would now call an “instabuy”. I took him out of the box and literally played with him back at the hotel. This is something I really regret now… but he was so awesome!

He spent the next year on my computer desk. Any friends that came over with children loved to play with him. One young man in particular will always live in infamy for breaking and then denying the breakage of the wing ejection button. Nic was 8 at the time. He’s now in his 20’s. You did it Nic. Time to face the music!

Years later Buzz made another appearance that sticks out in my memory. There was a man in our church who had a wife dying of cancer. We went to see him, and her… and for some strange reason I took Buzz with me to give to the man. I even told him, “I don’t know why but I want you to keep him till she’s better.” He responded as if I had given him the best gift in the world. Buzz stayed in that hospital room for quite a while. The poor lady lost her battle and Buzz came home.

A few years later that man met and married my sister.

Buzz sat on various office shelves over the next few years until 2008 when we had our son. He went to live with little James. First as a nursery decoration and later on as a real toy.

He’s scuffed and scratched. His batteries need replacing. His wings don’t pop out anymore (Nic!) but he will always be my first Buzz. He turns 17 this June.

My Ultimate Buzz Collectible: Chogokin Buzz Lightyear

This thing has been haunting me ever since I saw it for the first time. Easily the most complex, detailed Buzz Lightyear figure in the world. Also the most expensive… which is why, until recently, I never ordered one. Well, I happen to have a little spare change laying around from Christmas and birthdays… so I went for it. Placed my order. It was shipped from Japan last week and a delivery was attempted today to my front door. I’m going to head out to FedEx in half an hour to pick it up.

Assuming it survived the trip from Japan, through Anchorage, Alaska; Memphis, Tennessee; and Tampa, Florida… I should be a pretty happy camper within the hour. Just look at this thing!

And that’s just the beginning. It comes with like 8 different faces. It’s super-pose-able. It even lets you take off the backpack and remove little fake batteries! After 17 years I can now consider my Buzz Lightyear collection complete!

Rather than photographing or videotaping the whole unboxing… here’s a great video that takes you through an in depth review.

Check out more photos of this amazing collectible here.


I. LOVE. IT. Is that even Christian? He’s awesome! Pics! (Click to make them big)

Buzz 135 – Hand-Carved Buzz Lightyear

After many weeks, and after many nicks and cuts, I put the finishing touches on my hand-carved wooden Buzz Lightyear figure. I added individually carved arms and pinned them to the main figure with carved dowels. They move.

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