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My Ultimate Buzz Collectible: Chogokin Buzz Lightyear

This thing has been haunting me ever since I saw it for the first time. Easily the most complex, detailed Buzz Lightyear figure in the world. Also the most expensive… which is why, until recently, I never ordered one. Well, I happen to have a little spare change laying around from Christmas and birthdays… so I went for it. Placed my order. It was shipped from Japan last week and a delivery was attempted today to my front door. I’m going to head out to FedEx in half an hour to pick it up.

Assuming it survived the trip from Japan, through Anchorage, Alaska; Memphis, Tennessee; and Tampa, Florida… I should be a pretty happy camper within the hour. Just look at this thing!

And that’s just the beginning. It comes with like 8 different faces. It’s super-pose-able. It even lets you take off the backpack and remove little fake batteries! After 17 years I can now consider my Buzz Lightyear collection complete!

Rather than photographing or videotaping the whole unboxing… here’s a great video that takes you through an in depth review.

Check out more photos of this amazing collectible here.


I. LOVE. IT. Is that even Christian? He’s awesome! Pics! (Click to make them big)