Mexican Knockoff Buzz Lightyear



You have before you a 100% genuine Mexican* knock off inflatable Buzz Lightyear. Purchased right off a street vendor in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

I was on a missions trip with about 50 kids from Kansas City. We worked four days helping a small church perform some community outreach then we got to go shopping on Friday.

There were people everywhere. Vendors of all ages. Children selling cross necklaces. Mothers begging from the cars going by. And a man with about 200 inflated illegitimate characters.

I don’t remember what I paid for him. Maybe $4 US but he was worth it.

Let’s break down all of the problems with this here “Buzz”.

  • Head covering is blue. Should be purple.
  • Eyebrows are brown. Should be black.
  • Cheeks are red circles. Bottom of nose is a red oval. Makes it look like it was cut off.
  • Suit is silver.
  • Chest plate logo looks like a dying bat instead of a rocket with wings.
  • Right button panel only had one colored button… but that button is blue as it should be. The other two are white and silver.
  • The left button is silver and should be red.
  • There is no black bands for the waist.
  • Right arm button panel should be black and yellow striped, not green and black.
  • Left arm graphic is supposed to be light blue.
  • They got the laser on the right arm. I’ll give them that.
  • Bottom of feet should be purple.
  • On the back we see there are no wings on the backpack.
  • Does not have a rose in his teeth. (Spanish Buzz joke).



The lettering on the back gives us all sorts of warnings. It’s not a flotation device. Glad they mentioned that. There’s a copyright claim from some company I’ve never heard of. Also says you shouldn’t leave this child’s toy with children.

It was one of my goals to find and buy a Buzz while on the trip. I actually bought two. This one and one made of plaster. It was cracked and broken when I purchased it but lasted many years. I eventually had to toss it… and I thought I had a picture of it somewhere. If I find it I’ll post it.

Does anyone actually read this? Post a comment if you do!

* Made in China.

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