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    Gaming With My Mom

    July 2, 2013 · 0 comments

    Jimmy Fallen asked for videos of folks playing video games with their mom. You can tell the children chose some of the more action oriented games for them to try. One mom cracks me up asking for Viva Piñata without even knowing it.

    via The Awesomer

    I LOVE stuff like this. Freakin’ wept through the whole video. This child with a huge passion, huge imagination, amazing problem solving skills, and the sheer creativity to pull it all off. Blows my mind. If this doesn’t at least inspire you… you’ve got to see a brain doctor or something.

    Check out the website Caine’s Arcade. I wish they were selling the t-shirt… I would already have bought one. My buddy Ethan Nichole lives in LA… I wonder if I could get him and his new girlfriend to go by and hook him up with some Axe Cop books courtisy of Nobody’s Listening Podcast. If I’m in the LA area again any time soon… I WILL be making a weekend trip to Caine’s.

    Buzzwing by Pogo

    April 6, 2012 · 0 comments

    An oldie (2010) but a goodie. Don’t try to understand the lyrics. It’s better that way.

    than having a conversation that lasts way longer than it should have because everyone gets you. Rare. But it’s awesome when it happens.

    On a different note. This makes me happy: